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Pastorius and the Fu2rman meet Horst Schwienhaxe of the Council on American Nazi Relations (CANR), and interview Steve Harkonnen of the website Anti-CAIR.

Interview with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Then, an in-depth interview with Pamela of Atlasshrugs, sharing her views on all the big issues. On "Ask the Imam," the Imam discusses penis size.

More on Mo's sexual failings. The Imam discusses sexual positions and fetishes. Topics: KKK woman in the UK, Euros' views on Israel, Muslim inventions, James Baker's "Iraq Study Group".

We talk to women who have had unpleasant sexual experiences with the big Mo'. Then, the Imam discusses masturbation. Other topics: Paris intifada, the BBC's "alternative" Xmas message, "Yusuf Islam".

The Fu2rman comes on board as co-host. Topics: immigration, Ghandi and pacifism, the Iraq war, and honor killings and marriage in Islam. Ayesha, Mo's child bride, tells us about Mo's sexual habits.

First episode of Infidel Bloggers Alliance Radio Show, celebrating anniversary of IBA. Get to know Pastorius through his comprehensive discourse on his worldview. Topics: the jihad, leftism, the MSM.