A Conversation with Dr. Tomislav Sunic Pt. 1



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A Conversation with Dr. Tomislav Sunic (Pt. 1)

Tonight I have the supreme pleasure of welcoming to the program Dr. Tomislav Sunic – a world renowned European New Right intellectual, author, professor, former diplomat, and someone I am proud to consider a personal friend. Tonight we will be discussing:

-- Dr. Sunic's background growing up in Tito’s Yugoslavia and how most people followed socialist trends behind the “Iron Curtain” as easily as most Westerners today follow “Americanized” pop culture;

-- The fact that socialism fell in Eastern Europe mainly because many of its theorems have been better implemented in the West (particularly in the United States), for example multiculturalism, the welfare state, amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants – these are just some of the communistic principles that have been implemented far more successfully in the United States than in the ex-Soviet bloc countries;

-- America as the destructive source of the new multiracial Europe;

-- European language issues vis-à-vis communication between EU member states, and the peculiar richness of the German language;

-- The power of language and why it is desirable for those of us who love our European roots to learn as many Indo-European languages as possible;

-- Dr. Sunic's experiences in academia, self-censorship and the outright cowardice that exists among the professorship;

-- Censorship in socialist countries versus censorship in the Western “democracies” and why the latter is worse.

Join me for this excellent 1-hour discussion with one of the greatest and most influential pro-European/pro-Western voices of our time: Dr. Tomislav (“Tom”) Sunic.

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