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A Conversation with Dr. Igor Artemov of the Russian All-National Union (RONS)

Tonight we welcome Dr. Igor Artemov to the show. Dr. Artemov is the Chairman of the Russian All-National Union (RONS) and the founder of the ‘Russian March’ – an annual Russian Nationalist event that takes place every November to protest illegal immigration, fiscal corruption, multicultural politics, ‘neo-Sovietism’ and the steady erosion of the cultural and political primacy of the native Russian population. For his unabashed pro-Russian/pro-White views Dr. Artemov was forced to flee his homeland by the Putin regime, and the Russian All-National Union was banned like so many other patriotic nationalist organizations – an apparent threat to the ‘multiethnic’ Russia which Putin so often champions in his public speeches. Join me for an interesting 1-hour discussion with Dr. Igor Artemov – a man who provides fresh insight into Putin’s duplicitous neo-Soviet demeanor, as well as an honest firsthand analysis of the many problems facing Russia in this postmodern Globalist era.

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