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Tonight yours truly has the honor of talking with California State University (Long Beach) professor of psychology Dr. Kevin B. MacDonald -- a very respected and influential man in New Right circles and renowned for his controversial yet nevertheless brilliant studies on Judaism. Probably his best known work is The Culture of Critique trilogy.

Dr. MacDonald is a frequent contributor to one of the New Right's premier intellectual online journals: The Occidental Observer. Dr. MacDonald is also on the board of directors of the American Freedom Party (former A3P).

This evening's topics include:

-- Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy;

-- The difference between the indigenous/egalitarian societies of northern Europe, which developed highly moral codes of conduct, and the more bellicose aristocratic Indo-European invaders who developed along exclusionary noble lines -- the "two strand" theory of Western Culture which Dr. MacDonald is still in the process of developing;

-- Culture as the primary mechanism by which the White Race will either win or lose (survive or die out) -- if we lose on the battleground of culture, we lose as a species.

Other topics touched on include: the politically charged and loaded term "supremacist," the differences between the words "Judaism" and "Zionism," and the great hypocrisy of Jewish eugenics -- why the state of Israel (and individual Jews) can rabidly promote sound eugenic policy but if White Gentiles should do so, they are considered "Nazis."

A fascinating hour-long conversation with one of the only university professors standing up against academia's super-avalanche of politically correct norms and thought patterns.

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