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This afternoon I'll be giving the always erudite and well-spoken John de Nugent a hearty Imperian welcome back to the show. John will be shedding much light on an otherworldly topic (relevant to today's festivities) which he knows a great deal about. Namely: Aliens, Demons, Aryans and Mayans.
Some questions we'll be asking John include:
-- Have extraterrestrials visited earth before, and if so what is their business here?
-- Is there more than one kind of alien species visiting earth?
-- Do the so-called Nordic/Aryan Aliens have our best interests in mind? And if so, how can we be so sure?
-- Is there something to the long-standing rumor that a secret German base exists somewhere under the ice of Neuschwabenland, Antarctica? And if so, is there a link between this secret base and the infinite number of UFO sightings that have been reported since the last days of WWII?
-- Are the "Greys" out to do us harm, as so many abductees (who happen to be White) seem to suggest? Are they working in the service of a hidden anti-White Agenda?
-- What relation do non-White peoples and civilizations have to the Greys? Is there a link, for example, between the well known Mayan death cult and the allegedly bloodthirsty demeanor of the Reptilians?
-- Why do so many non-White groups (as diverse in origin as the Chinese, Australian Aborigines, Amerindians and various African tribes) WORSHIP reptilian life forms like serpents, snakes and dragons? Again, is there a link to the Greys?
-- What did Edgar Cayce and other gifted psychics have to say about these alien visitors? Is there an Atlantean connection?
These questions among others will be raised in this special Samhain/Halloween installment of The IMPERIAN MANDATE. Enjoy!

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