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The IMPERIAN MANDATE is a weekly program dedicated to providing pro-White activists and intellectuals (worldwide) w/ an unbiased platform to promote their views. New episodes every Monday night at 8 PM (EST) ONLY on the AMERICAN NATIONALIST NETWORK:

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A Live New Year's Eve (pre-2014) Year in Review Round-table Extravaganza Featuring Some of the Biggest Names in the White Patriot Community. "It's every man for himself, and NO topic will be off limits or over the top!! If you bring it up,... more

Monday, December 30, 2013 Tonight we are joined by Rodney Martin -- Director of both the American Nationalist Association/American Nationalist Network and World View Foundations ( Rodney will address a... more

Sunday, December 29, 2013 This afternoon I will be speaking with Captain Brian Culpepper of the National Socialist Movement. The following topics will be addressed: -- Tactics and goals of the NSM for 2014; -- 2014 political candidates... more

Monday, December 23, 2013 Tonight we'll be joined by Gary Raikes, the Leader of the New British Union. Topics include: -- Sir Oswald Mosley - why he is such an important political figure to study for those of us on the Radical Right; --... more

Friday, Dec. 20, 2013 "Jack" Vallone (Director of the European Knights Project) returns for a special 1-hour broadcast in which we'll both be addressing the following topics: -- The sad state of affairs in Italy -- immigration, corruption,... more

Today I'll be speaking with the Chairman of the American Freedom Party, William Johnson. Topics we'll be addressing include: Mr. Johnson's background as an advocate for White rights and his many experiences in the political arena; his... more

In this episode we will be speaking with Mr. Rustam Vasiliev of the Baltic Republican Party – an East Prussian based political group seeking: self-determination for the Konigsberg/East Prussia region (officially known as... more

I have the honor and privilege of welcoming back to the program my good friend Dr. Tomislav Sunic. Tonight we will be rounding out the discussion initiated last week. Topics raised in this hour include: -- Linguistic unity as a unique and often... more

A Conversation with Dr. Tomislav Sunic (Pt. 1) Tonight I have the supreme pleasure of welcoming to the program Dr. Tomislav Sunic – a world renowned European New Right intellectual, author, professor, former diplomat,... more

A Conversation with Josh Morrissey, the acting Chief of Staff of the Advanced White Society Tonight we welcome AWS Chief of Staff Josh Morrissey to the show. In this follow-up to my October 21 discussion with AWS CEO... more