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Hello World. Thank you ALL for listening to, and participating in THE INDIA DECLAIR SHOW . . . This is the REAL RAW RIGHT NOW . . . The vile, desperate, and despicable coordinated, orchestrated Republican national attack on THE AMERICAN WORKER!!! Ground zero Wisconsin. The battle strong people of Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, NewJersey, and many other states are standing in solidarity on behalf of THE AMERICAN WORKER!!! Republicans have awaken a national galvanization of THE AMERICAN WORKER. Public worker, private worker, union, non union have come together nationally to stand and say . . . NO!!! Protests (for weeks now), movements for recalls, and a bold definite recalibrating of just who is with, and standing for the rights of THE AMERICAN WORKER and who is not . . . is live and in living color for all America and the world to see. The grandiose, arrogant, extreme mindset of Repbulican Governors, and those that support them is a national embarrassment. HOW IS THE RIPPING AND STRIPPING OF COLLECTIVE BARGAINING RIGHTS, AND BALANCING THE DISASTROUS BUDGET ON THE BACKS OF TEACHERS, COPS, FIREFIGHTERS, AND THE AMERICAN WORKER . . . ANYTHING OTHER THAN A BLATANT POLITICAL MISCALCULATION, AND OBSCENE OVERREACH?!! It is no secret the blatant, and blazing unquenchable Wall Street grotesque greed is the center of the economic monstrosity madness. America . . . and the world can see clearly who is responsible for this epic mess. How dare Republican politicians blame THE AMERICAN WORKER for the vile, and filthy greed of the monetized elite!!! This is our discussion today. If you work for a living, have lost your job due to Republican supported outsourcing, and offshoring, or work for yourself this is a national conversation YOU SHOULD BE ENGAGED IN!!! Enjoy the show. THE INDIA DECLAIR SHOW . . . REAL. RAW. RIGHT NOW . . . EVERY SECOND IS DIVINE. LIVE IT. LOVE IT. GIVE IT. FEEL GREAT. IDECLAIR IT!!!