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@IDECLAIRMEDIA Budget Cmte. Chmn. Ryan's Budget CUTS, GUTS & SHREDS Safety Net ~ S.C.O.T.U.S. & 'McCutcheon v Federal Election Commission (FEC)' Ruling: GAME CHANGING Political Funding (& Democracy)... more

@IDECLAIRMEDIA "The Weekly Address:" "Raise The Minimum Wage... " ~ #GETCOVERED! Enroll in the ACA ~ The State of Public Education & The State of OUR Kids Literacy Rates ~ The BETTER OFF BUDGET ~ YOUR BEST... more

@IDECLAIRMEDIA It's Time For A WOMEN'S ECONOMIC AGENDA! ~ America, The Gun Industry & INSANE Gun Laws ~ Expansive Survey of Excessive Discipline (of African Americans & children of color) in America's Public Schools... more

@IDECLAIRMEDIA Special Guest Joy C. West, Atty., Writer, World Traveler, & Documentary Producer: We discuss her profound article "Dancing in the Rays of the Antarctic" ~ GOP Restricting VOTER Access CALLED OUT! ~... more

@IDECLAIRMEDIA Weekly Address: "Rewarding Hard Work by Strengthening Overtime Pay Protections" ~ It's ALL About, YOU Need to #GETCOVERED. Yes, I'm Nagging. Enroll By March 31ST. IDECLAIR IT.... more

@IDECLAIRMEDIA CIA Spying on Sen. Intel Cmte: Constitutional Issue ~ The Deeply Offensive, Insulting, Inaccurate, Demeaning, Race Baiting Divisiveness & Disturbing YUCK of Paul Ryan (R-WI) & the GOP! IDECLAIR IT.... more

@IDECLAIRMEDIA OPEN Issue/Chat Saturday: GOP Defiantly DEVOLVING into the DUST of Demography DESPERATION! IDECLAIR IT. Special Guest: Carole Troll more

@IDECLAIRMEDIA Congressional Republicans Commit "LEGISLATIVE MALPRACTICE" GOP #IssaCircus CONFIRMED National... more

@IDECLAIRMEDIA Mindset RESET: Believing In YOU. Living Beyond Mistakes~ NOT Allowing Failure To Define YOU~ How Do YOU Process... more
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