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The House Of The Risen Son


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What is the True Nature of Life? In the greater scheme of things, why are YOU even here on Earth? October-November 2010: This 6-8 part series,"In Accordance With The Prophecy" examines all manner of Prophecy from Rapture to Revelation - Nostradamus to 2012, with ministers Barry; a Biblical Scholar, and Marco; a Messianic Jew. Diametrically opposed? Or merely different methods to arrive at the same conclusion? You choose. Chat and call-in are LIVE for your questions and comments on this exciting series.

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I once read that 94% of us believe in "something" - and I'll bet money to matzoh that 100% of us that do, have at one time asked that "something",... "Excuse me,...uhm,...how'm I doing??" How many of you have asked Him lately - in... more

2012: "The Beginning of the End? Or the End of the Beginning??" Listen as Marc "The Arc" gives some real world insight to the current events the ENTIRE world is experiencing! Marco speaks about '2012: Mayan Prophecy' on "The Johnny... more

At last we arrive upon Judgment Day, Tribulation, fulfillment of the Prophecy - What will that look like and how will we know? We will begin our coverage in Matthew 24, also using the symbiotic chapters Mark 13-14 & Luke 21. And, a... more

Note: Listen to the newer replay - it has all the commcl's removed and is a much cleaner recording: Click Here to listen to 2012: Special Edition

IF what you see is NOT lining up with what You KNOW on the inside, perhaps your premise is amiss. "As in the days of Noah, there shall be much eating and drinking and giving and taking in marriage," and it SHALL come upon you... more

Last week we made it through HALF of ONE passage of scripture; Daniel 9:27...and it was a doooozy. This week we'll lace the shoe and tie all the pieces together...in 30 minutes. At least, that's our plan. Then again, as Jesus instructs... more

"If God can't break your heart, He doesn't have it." -M* While Barry is halfway through Daniel 9:27 (~14 min.), if you listen closely Marco* -the normally silver-tongued 20 yr. veteran of Live Radio- begins to get tongue-tied...something... more

This promises to Be an exciting episode as we unpack Daniel 9:26 -all leading up to...9:27, which is the crux, Barry tells us, to understanding what is upon us, even as we speak- looking at information about some signs and events; so that... more
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