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The Honoring Hour is a fun, informative show seeking tips, tricks and tools that help us change and grow on this journey through life. We believe everyone has their own connection to Spirit/God/Creator/Universal Wisdom/Nature/Miracle of Science... what ever you want to call it, we respect you and your path there. Humanity can be connected in a collective one through love, compassion, gratitude and respect but not through control and manipulation. This show is covering everything from holistic health to joy through creativity. Share with us what you know as we share what we are learning.

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It is December and many people are talking about "The Season." Unfortunately, they are not talking about joyful family and religious ritual celebrations they are discussing The Flu Season - Have you gotten your flu shot? Having any type of... more

The Solstice and New Moon are today. Join us for a guided meditation to bring in the energy of these events.

Ever been in a really good mood and then walked into a room and everything changes? Do you have people in your life that every time you are around them you feel drained and exhausted after the encounter? It is our responsibility... more

"Claiming Health? - ?Mind Matters in our Wellbeing" If we really create our own reality and I'm always feeling, down, tired or sick, what Gives? Can just choosing a new thought and sense of Self really bring about a true state of being... more

*Note: Using the download option cuts off the end of the show. Use the archives to listen all the way through* After a hectic Thanksgiving weekend, Lynn needed to SLOW DOWN and decided to do her guided meditation here on blogtalk... more

It can be frightening to move from the allopathic system of health care protocol when it is how we are raised and what is expected as a societal norm. More and more we are hearing of people who are taking holistic and natural approaches... more

How do you enjoy the Holiday season and stay healthy and happy at the same time? Do you feel like you are losing your mind? Do you get sicker during this time - or right after the Holiday Season? There are many ways to help yourself... more

According to leading scientific expert on gratitude, Robert Emmons, gratitude 'is a relationship strengthening emotion because it allows us to see how we've been supported and affirmed by others." This episode of The Honring Hour shares... more

Hello loyal and new listeners! The Honoring Hour is back after a nice hiatus that allowed us to grow and change. We are excited to share this growth with you and learn more about what you have been up to. Please join us for our first show... more