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Formerly known as "Christian News Review," The Home Church is an online "virtual church" preaching the Word of God in all of its fullness and power. Relying on God's Holy Spirit to lead and guide us, this is a church where the truth is spoken in love. Come join Pastor Dave as he ministers daily what God has placed on his hear.

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Through a special arrangement with Perry Stpme Ministries, The Home Church is bring you a special presentation of "Hijacking The Holy Spirit." Rercently a conference was held in Southern California, hosted by John Mac Author, where... more

On today's Home Church program, Dave will answer a question reecently asked by a listener, "Why should we study Hebraic roots?" Dave will answer this question in a message by the same title. This is sure to be an educational,... more

The Greatest Story Ever Told is the truth, without denminational spin, of the final week in the life of Yeshua (Jesus) on earht: including His death, burrial and ressurrection. If you've ever wanted to hear what really ahppened the week... more

It's Passover, not Easter is an eyeopening broadcast that every true Believer needs to hear. In these last days, Yehovah God is revealing truth that has been in plain site all the time and, Yeshua (Jesus) is calling His bride to come out of the... more

Come join Dave for a time of fellowship as we remember what Yeshua did for us. Have your bread and wine ready as we take Communion together.

There are a growing number of religious programs on television where the "preacher" is trying to sell things they call "holy." Some make claims that these things come from Israel, Jerusalem or have some mystical power that can heal... more

Much has happened since we last spoke on the Damascus Prophecy so, with Syria being on upfront in the news, it's high time we spoke about it again. Join us for this prophetic update on the Middle East and the Syria crisis. After the... more

With more than 2000 differing deniminations and religious sects, people are confused. There are a lot of opinions floating on television, radio and the Internet and many people have no idea who is right and who is wrong: there are some... more

Yes, you read the title correctly: The Hebraic Roots of The Rapture is the topic of today's Home Church program. Many people do not realize that there is a definte portrait of the Rapture found in the Old Testament and, on today's braodcast,... more

On today's broadcast, Dave will be speaking on Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement and what it means to Christian even today. This is a VERY important program, one you should listen to and learn from. The Father commanded that... more
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