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In this week’s lesson we will be speaking about the power of the human mind. Everything that happens to us is based on our mental ability to think, feel and see. Whatever shows up in our lives, we created it and what does not show up we stopped it from happening all with our mind.

We will be having a conversation on three levels of the mind: 1) the conscious; 2) the subconscious and; 3) the super conscious. 

The first level of the conscious mind is considered to be the outer division of the mind. Your emotions and feelings are developing your conscious mind. When you concentrate on learning something new your conscious mind becomes a filter for the subconscious mind. An example is when you learn how to drive a car, that part of the learning process is done in the conscious mind

Next we have the subconscious mind.  It holds all of your past understood experiences. The subconscious mind is those things that you have practiced over and over again until it literally becomes a part of your mind. It also coordinates the physical activity of your body, like your heart beating and breathing. Your subconscious mind can be your best friend or worst enemy. It is not prejudice.  It gives what we ask for whether pleasant or unpleasant. It is like a robot or computer in that the information you put in it will feed back to you. See how the conscious mind works with the subconscious mind?   

Third and finally is the super conscious mind.  This is the part of the mind that provides energy and overall direction for the rest of your mind. Your super conscious mind contains the blueprint for your expression as an individual. It is the part which is closet to the SUPREME BEING or GOD mind. We will be going very deep into the super conscious mind.