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The Helping People Show


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Today’s youngsters are the real capital of our civilization.. Their precious minds are being constantly bombarded and poisoned by the incessant pounding of many GREEDY, VULTURE type of politicians, individuals, and corporations of the world. The Foundation for Alternative Career Paths calls to arms the DARING, COURAGEOUS, INDEPENDENTLY successful, and practical politicians, individuals, and corporations who will stand up in the face of oppressive, ANTIQUE, financial social control. Our mission is to provide selected youngsters with the tools to avoid the shackles of financial bondage and help them turn back the pages of life and see and understand the concepts and precepts that the controlling gargantuans of today do not want them to see. Help us to make our dreams of providing young, talented individuals with the resources needed, for them to overcome the work-a-day type of thinking and outright lies that most of us were trained to accept. Today, financial independence is more a need than an aspiration. Pension plans are being plundered, jobs moving off-shore, the old companies we knew and trusted are run by others, with no regard for our trusted values. We live in the richest era on the planet, and FREE ENTERPRISE is our key to enduring civil liberty. Without a solid forum, where ALL who are TRULY successful can be involved in the assisting, mentorship, and training, even funding in many cases, of our youth, guiding them in the direction of SUCCESSFUL financial independence, our whole economy shall surely falter! It is our mission to develop and strengthen a segment of society, where by the determined can have PROVEN, alternative career paths to follow. Foot-steps of DARING and SMART integrity. PROVEN paths to walk in. Paths of those who have gone before, and of those who consider it a privilege to walk them again with others! Financial success is already a PROVEN SCIENCE! ------------------------------

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Allan Schulte will guest star on the show today with a new opportunity with Lotus Stress Relief.

Lotus Stress Relief Promo Played on all Segments

New and different ways to achieve financial success without the work a day drudgery of corporate america and social financial controls.