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We teach you how to access and follow your inner guidance system and then raise your vibration to become who you came here to be

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We spoke last week about how to break the forward motion of a bad habit. A bad Habit that has become Addictive Behaviour. That which we turn to without conscious thought without thinking in a flow of forward motion. This week is part two of this discussion. Once we have caught that negative thought, once we start becoming conscious of our difficult places and stopping in that moment of feeling bad before we reach for out old behaviour. Putting our hand on our Heart and taking three deep breaths, with our eyes closed, if possible. Whats next? So I am conscious, I am still then going and taking that drink, putting that piece of food in my mouth, or whatever it is that your addictive behaviour or bad habit takes you to. What do I do instead? Indeed is the important question. Part 2 is: What do I do Instead of My Old Addictive Behaviour? We will be discussing the next step. Hope to see you there. All of Our Love Christine Kowal ~ The Heart Energy Program
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