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HCG Body For Life!

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My goal with blog Talk Radio is to provide up-to-date information about the HCG Diet protocol. You will learn new diet tips, little trick, and gain powerful Insight into achieving fast and permanent weight loss with the HCG diet.

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TODAY'S Show 5:30PST - Why Timing Is Everything, Are You Really Ready To Lose Weight On today's show, to discuss the importance of timing as it pertains to creating a space for hCG diet success. I'll also be discussing how to know when... more

The Secret HCG Diet Success Formula You're Missing Out On... And the worst part is, it's absolutely FREE! On this call I' disclosing for the first time the #1 HCG diet success formula, that's absolutely free, and it will increase you're HCG diet... more

Why you haven't been able to lose like your first HCG round! The No. #1 complaint I hear is "Why am I not losing like I did on my first HCG diet round?" There is a real reason why each subsequent HCG round seems to be more... more

On today's show we'll explore if permanent weight loss is actually possible, or is this another Yo-Yo diet in disguise. Join me on todays call to discuss this topic and more... See you there! Colin

This is a private call for HCG Underground members only... If you are not a current member please do not join this call. We'll be discussing breaking through previous weight set point stalls, fluctuation in weight and how you attitude will... more

While on the HCG diet phase 2, not all exercise is created equal. Today I will discuss the best exercises for phase 2 that maximize fat loss and yield huge dividends in the quest to drop pounds and inches.What's too little and, what is... more

This is an exclusive call for HCG Underground Revolution members only! On this call we will be going over the modules and discussing what challenges you may be experiencing during phase 2 or phase 3. We will also be discussing how... more

Today's show topic "Ask Me Anything HCG" is for those of you whom have pressing HCG diet questions for which you've either had difficulties finding the answers to, or would simply like another opinion... This is your opportunity to get... more

On this show we'll meet the team members of HCG Underground revolution this will be a private call for members only. We will cover the site content and have a extended Q & A session. See you there! Colin

On my first show of 2013, I want to discuss Power of intention vs New Years Resolutions... The definition of Resolution means to resolve again... If you are truly looking to have a powerful and successful 2013 in all aspects of your life.... more