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My goal with blog Talk Radio is to provide up-to-date information about the HCG Diet protocol. You will learn new diet tips, little trick, and gain powerful Insight into achieving fast and permanent weight loss with the HCG diet.

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Excuses Begone... Today's show, we are going to explore some of the excuses we use that get in the way of reaching our goals. What excuses have used in the past, or are currently using now that are getting in the way of your weight loss... more

Learn why 95% of most HCG dieters are doing the HCG diet wrong. ! and...How to avoid Protein Edema, and the roller coaster weight loss.

Many HCG dieters have a 10 to 14 day waiting period before their HCG arrives in the mail. Today we are going to share with you ACTION PLAN... "How to get past the obstacles that stop you from reaching your weight loss goals" 10 day... more

On today's call, I will be answering questions from people from my FaceBook page, and my wife Jayne will be on the call to provide a woman's prospective about the HCG diet. Together, we will be providing live answers to the top 10... more

Dr. Simeons say, do not exercise while on the HCG diet. So should you? I say Hell yes! I'll explain why I think the good Dr. is wrong, and if you do chose to exercise, how to do it right for maximum weight loss.How To Build an HCG... more

How to build your HCG Body For Life!

In this weeks episode, we are going to discuss, how to avoid the triggers and obstacles that cause you to fail in your weight loss goal. How to get family and friends to support you, so you reach your weight loss goals. "You can't get... more

Phase 4 Re-introducing carbs and sugars into your diet. This can be a very tricky and dangerous game when it comes to maintaining your new weight. We will discuss portion control and carb shifting to make living with your new body easy!

Phase 3 of the HCG diet... "The muscle building and stabilization phase" is considered to be the most important phase of the HCG diet Protocol. Learn how to build muscle, at re-set your weight set point the right way and build... more

This episode of the show we will be covering hCG Diet Basics, Phase 1, Phase 2, What to buy,and how to preparing for success!