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Have you noticed the contribution that animals have been to us? Most of us live our lives without noticing how and what animals are gifting. Would you be willing to listen more? Have more of a connection? What are your dogs, cats, horses, birds and all animals telling you, that you have not been hearing? Please join me and my guests in this different exploration about and with animals. We will be using the tools of Access Consciousness™ in this show, which are explained and more in depth here

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Join Diva Diaz and Suzy Godsey as we discuss her awareness of animals and how they communicate and how all of that compares to autistic people! Can we receive contribution in the war animal function with energetic communication?... more

Glenna Rice joins me today in a conversation about kids and animals. She facilitates families and helps parents and kids alike to have more ease with each other. Our conversation explores the contribution that kids and animals can be... more

One of the MOST destict differnences between animal bodies and people bodies may be WAY different than you think. Spend anytime with animals and one of the most obvious differences is the LOVE of bodies animals have. Would your LIFE... more

What if your pet's leaving was a gift much like when they showed up? What if we didn't have to go into all the sadness and loss of this reality? Please join me and Karlina van der Weij for this conversation. What would it look like if you could... more

When our animals do not do what we want, we often conclude that they don't like us, or that we are just not connected enough. What if there was a lot more to that than what we have decided about this? And what if we could gain some... more

Is it possible to talk to your dog like you would to a person? Would your dog listen to you or understand you? Listen to Blossom Benedict talk about how she talks to her dog and how she creates a differnt realtionship with her dog than most... more

Tammy has a phenomenal story about a horse that injured itself and is apparently also willing to heal itself! Join this fascinating show about how animals make known what they require and desire and how they often see things quite... more

Jewels has trouble with her dog being unpredictable with kids and having a history of bites! She has tried to work with her on the issue but feels like there has no progress being made. So far the bites have been nips only, but she is worried... more

Did you know that most dog bites are with children, but also that it is a familiar dog that bit them? Is it possible to prevent that? What are the children doing that gets the dog to bite them? Is it true that some dogs will bite without warning?... more

Emanuela is joining us again for a chat about how it has been since her dog died, and also the euthanasia process. Find out what it can be like to connect with the animal being that is out of the body as well as some tools to make the whole... more