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Have you met your dog yet? Would you like to play more, have more connection and understanding? Are you and your dog having communication problems? If your dog is showing aggression, obsession or any other “unwanted” behavior, or if you’d just like to have a greater connection with your dog, this show might be what you are looking for! With the tools of Access Consciousness™ I will assist you to tap into what you already know, clear anything in way of that showing up, clear your dog so he or she can move forward with you and give both of you more awareness of what you require of each other.

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Raadhika has been affected by the death of her dog from may years ago. She has choosen to not have another pet in her life for the fear of loosing them as well. Please join us in thei conversation to see what else might be possible... more

Deb's cat has skin issues and she has been working with them for a while. Now she is wondering what else is required for her cat to no longer have that issue and to be able to move on. In talking with the cat some interesting thinsg show... more

Ewa's dog is a rescue and she really wants him to be part of her life. But sometimes he turns and bites her, especially when she desires to get close to him and cuddle with him. Can this behavior change? Can her dog get over this... more

Diane's dog attacks other dogs and she is not sure why he started doing it, or how to stop him. Most dogs that have aggressive behavior have a decision they made at some point that has them now in this mode that they cannot get out of.... more

Many people are quick to call their dog aggressive. But often that word is a misidentification of the behavior or the underlying problem. Words create an energy though and the dog picks up on that energy, and will do her best to fulfill... more

Rose's dog has a history attacking other dogs. Unfortunately the behavior seems to have gotten worse. What makes a dog choose to attack? Can it be changed? What can 'rehabilitation' of the dog look like? In this show you will see how to... more

As your companion is getting older you might have the desire to add another, younger dog to the mix. But now you feel guilty. The younger dog might get more attention, more walks and may be adding more fun to your life, which makes you... more

Many people are not aware that the aging dog requires different food and attention. What can you do to support your dog with nutrition and other body changes? Do you require to run some hands on body processes on your dog?... more

Carol is facing live changes in her 12 year old bulldog Winnie that are challening her and the way she lives her life. During this senior dog awareness month we would like to give you some tips and clearings and awareness on how to... more

When our dogs are getting so old that we can perceive them ready to die soon, are there things that we can do for them to make all of that easier? Please join me for some clearings and body processes that can facilitate this stage in your... more