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Tom Yamarone & Paul Graves

  • Broadcast in Paranormal



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Join us as we discuss the Yakima Bigfoot Round-up with event organizers Tom Yamarone and Paul Graves. This event takes place May 16, in Yakima, WA. Tom and Paul are both active researchers and musicians. During our show we will be playing popular songs by both of these great guys. Make sure you tune in, it's going to be a fun and informative hour!
Credits and Lyrics for "The Skookum Cast"
The Skookum Castmusic/lyrics: T.Y.Rhthmn guitar, chuck berry riffs and vocals: Tom YamaroneBackground vocals/ bigfoot calls and moans: Bobo YamaroneDrums: Devin Yamarone (HOW "BOUT THOSE DRUMS!!!L??) wow.Bass/Lead "Dick Dale surf" Guitar: Zach "Zippy" YamaroneEngineer: Mike "Schef" Yamarone Recorded at Sex Rat Studios, Sacramento, CA March 21-22, 2009 My tribute to Rick, Thom, Derek, Alan, Matt and LeRoy (Dr. Fish)... that fateful Sept 2000 outing in skookum meadows.
The Skookum Cast

by Tom Yamarone

Bigfoot was walking through the forest when he smelled something good,
Someone’s gone and left out a pile of food,
Comes around the corner and what does he see?
“A pile of fresh fruit just a-waiting for me…
Think I’ll go over there and grab me a snack!”
When he lost his footing and fell on his back…..
The Skookum cast, the Skookum cast,
Bigfoot slipped in the mud and fell on his ass,
He was walking too fast and made the Skookum cast!
Well, he’s laying there in the mud just looking around,
Seeing if he could spot the person who laid him down,
Leaving good fruit in the mud really boils his blood,
Grab an apple at last and get out of here fast!
The Skookum cast, the Skookum cast,
Bigfoot slipped in the mud and he fell on his ass,
He was moving too fast and made the Skookum cast!
“Why’d they go and leave the fruit in that mud wallow?
Eating apples cov