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The Great Gathering Radio

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The Great Gathering Radio - Through education and inspired action, voices of the people from around the world share solutions to restore and re-balance the symbiotic relationship between humanity and earth. Your hosts: Miriam Delicado, Peter Tongue, and Ilya Nabutovskiy.

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Karla sees herself as a student and lover of life with her classroom being her community and the environment around her. Living in B.C. for the last 12 years, she is passionate about conscious living and supporting projects, people and... more

Paul D. Burley is an civil and geotechnical engineering consultant and environmental geologist who has investigated physical landscapes and historical cultural developments since 1980. In tandem with his professional geotechnical... more

Dr. Bernard Alvarez D.M. has been a spiritual teacher for over 20 years. He is a certified Reiki Master, an ordained Minister, has a Doctor of Metaphysics, is the Author of the Book of One, he's self published hundreds of teaching video's and... more

Ilya Nabutovskiy is the Executive Producer and host of The Great Gathering Radio. After undergoing a major spiritual transformation, he decided to turn his life around and began following his heart and allowed his intuition to guide him in his... more

Peter Tongue was a traditional teacher and school principal in University Prep Schools in England and Canada until he made the crazy decision to quit his job and devote his life to the unfolding Divine Plan on the planet! He has spent the... more

Featured Guests: Zahra Lightway, Cezarina Trone, Terry Damlos and Judy Guadalupe. This episode will be a discussion of the current education system's inability to meet the needs of children. We will look at some of the challenges it... more

How to create balance in a world in chaos? Restore and rebalance the benevolent symbiotic relationship between Humanity and Earth by promoting sustainability and balanced living; connecting individuals and organizations for... more