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The show, originally called “The Protégé Podcast” was inspired by Michele Thompkins. Michele and Rochele are huge fans of the Man and Wife podcast that is hosted by Fatman Scoop and his wife Shanda. “The Man and Wife podcast really gave us inspiration to doing our own broadcast, our way”, Michele states. “The show was both informative and very funny. I just could not see why we could not deliver a show discussing urban entertainment with urban flare.” The vision soon panned out and later was given the subtitle "Gossiping Heifers" by Rochele. "I know a lot of people ask us how did we come up with Gossiping Heifers and why would we call ourselves heifers? The way I look at it when you gossip a lot, people will tend to call you a heifer." Between the two sisters, the two of them researched entertainment headlines, produced and marketed the show that now has over 5 million subscribers' worldwide and up to 15,000 new subscribers daily within a year's time. So what makes the Gossiping Heifers one of the most popular shows on the internet? The show bridges the gap between real talk and just talk. The style of talk would be compared to The Dave Chappelle Show, if Dave Chappelle was delivering the news he would do it heifer style. The sisters were once concerned being woman and speaking bluntly on topics themed with some language that some would consider un-lady like. "We are not here to fit the mode, we are here to say the things people want to say, but won't" Michele states. "I was concerned at first, but our fans wanted the content delivered just the way you would if you were talking to a friend in a giddy fashion. People want to be informed but they also want to experience happiness, not saying we deliver happiness, but we will leave you smiling." Since the launch of the hit show, the Gossiping Heifers have interviewed celebrities such as actor/comedian Kevin Hart, TVOne’s “Donald Trump’s Ulti
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