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“THE GOOD NEWS SHOW” was created to discuss everything GOOD under the sun with Small Business Owners and Everyday Ordinary Extraordinary People like Me... We are Bringing in Small Businesses from all over... Allowing them to advertise about their products and services while discussing topics that will encourage, uplift, inform, and inspire our everyday people like ME... Wouldn't you agree that most of us hear more than our fair share of negative news - We want you to keep current but do we want to be discouraged, suppressed, depressed, hopeless, and beat down or even desensitized because you hear so much bad news you aren’t even shocked anymore? AREN’T YOU TIRED? ISN’T IT TIME FOR A CHANGE? A GOOD ONE??? Join in our open forum to share all your "GOOD BUSINESS" stories, experiences, laughter and Love. This Show isn’t about perfection; this is a movement not a TREND! … GOOD NEWS WILL NEVER PLAY OUT… it is always a refreshing tool to uplift, and keep us encouraged; being inspired by good news had been around since Mankind’s creation. We are shifting the conversation to focus on the positive aspects of life! We want to hear anything from what you had for breakfast that was good to how you quit smoking - for five minutes, how you made your first home made pizza, when you met your first love, how you landed your first job. We want to hear about your promotions, graduations, celebrations, anniversaries, good grades, passing a test, your most memorable Good Moments. No topic is off limits, you can Find GOOD in it ALL… from - Relationships, Business, Family, Health, Intimacy, Entertainment, Beauty, Fashion, Travel, and Peanut Butter jelly Time. WITH YOUR HOST "EUR!CA"

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Mayor Franklin Deese Mayor Frank Deese had written a book everyone should read... "INMATE TO MAYOR" Intenalize the Truth "Prepare today! and Own tomorrow" Meet Mayor Frank Deese and enjoy and join in our discussion about... more

We all have our dream for our business, but do you have your business plan,? Do you have it all mapped out? Do you even have an idea on how you will fund your business? Lets talk about the steps you need to take before even... more

Have you ever gotten a Trafiic ticket? Have you been pulled over for a tail light malfucntion? Do you have Legal Aide for your Business or Family? Do you need a will? Do you need a traffic attorney or advice? Can you write a legal document?... more

After Networking is Over are you as Cordial during you everyday routine? IJA Found out what we have to say about it... AND Gotta leave your nine to five and head to a Mix and Mingle? Do you have your business cards, your smile, and... more

Want to shop, dance, sing, and network, show off your fashion and have a good time? Altonia (Mz.Sixx) Fowler-Dugar wants you to-do the same* Cupcakes and Cocktails is an annual affair focused around women showcasing all their talent in... more

Are you Driving a Gas Guzzler? Xtreme Fuel Treatment is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive fuel treatment. It's amazing effects on gasoline and diesel engines are UNHEARD OF. However, these effects are real, documented, and proven... more

Lets Learn the truth about the health risks or benefits of the foods we eat daily, and provide natural alternatives to, and/or supplements to work with so-called modern medicine, which rarely, if ever, rids the body of disease, but rather... more

Relax, Relax, Relax, Relax, Relax...You can do it! you must relax, breath, and do absolutely nothing.... Somtimes! A Moment for Whitney Houston tonight... We will still have obstacles to face, mountains to move, adversary to face; But... more

How perfect do you think your life should be in order to reap the benefits of happiness? Are you thinking that everybody on T.V. is happy, on the radio, do you think that they don't have the same problems we all face? Are you tired of being... more