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The Good News


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Victors sharing their journey through the fire to victory; inspiring others that they too can conquer life challenges, rise above limits and labels, transcend their past, discover their hidden treasures within and live their best life, Now!

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Join the founder of Victorious & Beautiful Women and Voices of Victory for a intimate but transparent journey to discovering and unleashing your power within. You too can transcend your past and begin to live your best life... more

Join us in our discussion as we openly and honestly discuss some of the issues that have separated believers and what is required to reunite and love and God loves. Message of love, faith, confidence, hope and unity! You don't want to miss... more

Join us as we chat with Gwendolyn as she reveals the path of her life that inspired her inspiring book of fortitude and family. Gwendolyn will hold nothing back about good, bad and the ugly in her families journey. Gwendolyn as an... more

Join us in our chat with Author Cathy L Young as she shares with us how her recent novel Grandma's Rose came to life. This breath taking novel you will feel the pain, hear the hurt and disappointment and celebrate the healing. Cathy... more

Join us in our chat with Derick Brooks and he shares how he over came limits and labels to live the life he dreamed. Derick shares how he pressed through hard times pursuing his passions, trusting in his gifts and talents and his faith in... more

Join us for a chat with the Grandson's along with family and friends remembering the legacy of the late Pastor W.C.Maxwell and other great men who have transitioned to the other side but will never be forgotten. A journey back down... more

Join us in our chat with Airnitra Da Actress Chandler a Pine Bluff native as she shares how a wife, mother of two, teacher, cosmetologist began to live her dream as an actress now producing and directoring her own short films which are... more

Join us in our continued dicussion with Attorney Katherine Blackmon and Attorney Tanya Austin as we continue to unviel some of the pro's and con's of cohabitation vs marriage. Ladies do you know your rights? Are your children... more

Join us in our discussion to raise awareness for single ladies and men on the risk of living together vs marriage. Attorney Katherine Blackmon and Attorney Tanya Austin will help us answer many questions and find out about common law... more

Join us as we honor and celebrate Mother's in honor of Mother's Day which is every day. Our guest will share their story and message. Lady Maxwell after being married for 50 year's lost her husband and unable to drive it was very... more
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