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The Good News


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Victors sharing their journey through the fire to victory; inspiring others that they too can conquer life challenges, rise above limits and labels, transcend their past, discover their hidden treasures within and live their best life, Now!

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Join us night as we share tips on making your dreams your reality! We will share dreams from authors from previous shows and their inspiration to pursue their dreams. Dreams do come true if we are willing to believe, plan and take... more

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Join us in our chat with the awareness guru Chief Apostle Dr Lawrence E Braggs, Founder of the Awareness Center International-DI as he shares nuggets regarding the universal shift. Are you experiencing turbulence in your life? If yes,... more

Join us for our chat with guest Mr. Bryant & Sandra Davis as they share how adoption impacted their life. Come along and hear how TaShayla and TaKayka have changed their lives.

Join us in our chat with guest Felicia Rogers-Hughes as she share with us her life as an adoptee and disspell myths about being an adoptee. She will also share with us what inspired her to develop healing body butters starting her business... more

Join us in our chat with Author/Producer Twana Joyner-Nuniss who will be transparent about her life journey of pain, medicated with drugs/alcohol, men, and riotous living. Twana will share her life transformation and what inspired her to... more

October is domestic violence abuse awareness month and we have another inspirational story from a thriving survivor. Join us in our chat with Author Valerie Miller as she share with us her horrific physical, emotional and sexual abuse... more

You don't want to miss this heart warming reunion with two of our previous guest as they come back with their update with Where Are They Now? After their relationship ended due to deadly encounter as a result domestic violence... more

Join us in this thrilling journey of transparency with our guest Apostle Sharon Hampton as she reveals unto us the reason for her passion and dedication to our youth today. Apostle Hampton will share with us her personal challenge in living... more

Join us in our chat with our guest, JoAnna Robinson as she shares her journey from FEAR to COURAGE. Breaking the chains of fear and other challenges that hindered her from walking in purpose. JoAnna states: "My journey to no longer... more

Join us for a miraciloius journey with Mary Ann who is a true survivor delivered from drugs, alcohol, low self-esteem, proverty, survived aneurism, death of a child, and victim of drive by shooting less than one year ago and is a walking... more

Join the founder of Victorious & Beautiful Women and Voices of Victory for a intimate but transparent journey to discovering and unleashing your power within. You too can transcend your past and begin to live your best life... more
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