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Join us Sunday @ 6:00 PM & Thursday @ 8 PM Join The Gist of Freedom weekly live online discussion in celebration of the African American experience—honoring all the people, past and present, black and white—who have determined to preserve history in literature, craftsmanship and artifact.

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Tonight at 8pm learn more about William Lambert on The Gist of Freedom as we resume our reading of William Katz's book Breaking The Chains, Chapter 12 "Black Militias" William Lambert created the ?African American Mysteries; the... more

Join The Gist of Freedom as iLyasah Shabazz welcomes Dr. Humairah Shah! Dr. Shah is the author of the children's book, Sam and the Sugar Bug.She is currently serving her community at the Magicland Dental office in Torrance, CA 9050... more

Dr. Vincent Brown, Creator of Brilliant Interactive Slave Revolt Map Join The Gist of Freedom Sunday at 8pm ET ~ as iLyasah Shabzz welcomes Vincent Brown, a professor of African and African-American History at Harvard. "Dr. Brown, has... more

Tonight ...Finally a book that will put the Dred Scott decision in it's proper context! Over 300 Enslaved Africans, like Polly Berry and Lucy Delaney successfully sued for their Freedom while Still in Bondage prior to the infamous racist Dred... more

Book Reading, Breaking The Chains by William Katz with The Gist of Freedom and guest Yul Anderson.

Join The Gist of Freedom and host ILYASAH SHABAZZ, as she speaks with Yusef Salaam, One of the 5 Central Park convicted survivors. Mr. Salaam says that New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio's call for a settlement to the suit... more

Join The Gist of Freedom with host ILYASAH SHABAZZ, (Malcolm X's daughter) and Historian Yule Anderson a Fort Mose preservationist, as we continue our audio book reading of Breaking The Chains by William L. Katz. This week we... more

Join The Gist of Freedom as host ILYASAH SHABAZZ talks with A'Lelia Bundles about her latest book, ?Madam Walker Theatre Center: An Indianapolis Treasure,? A'Lelia turns her attention to the storied Indiana Avenue building that... more

Author, William L. Katz- Black Indians resumes his lecture series on The Gist of Freedom! Mr. Katz will discuss the importance of Native American Month !

Forty-five minutes west of Walt Disney's make-believe history, archaeologists dig for real artifacts. Hunched over a shallow, square excavation, they search for Peliklakaha, the largest Black Seminole village, Fort Mose known to historians,... more
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