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We're discussing what most people don't want to hear and others think, but are in fear of speaking out loud and that is the truth. It took me almost a lifetime to get here. but Ovasi's Views are going vocal once again with The Ghetto Truth..

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Hotwordz has been keeping an eye on this young man Chase who has grown in the independent industry of music. Our first shout out to him stated, "He was a diamond in the ruff"~ (Spoken). As he rolls through the ranks and crank out... more

There are a lot of X-Whatevers all around us. I myself, come from being an X-Christian, to X-Believer in Christ, to an X-Hebrew who didn't like to be called Negro and today I have X-ed myself away from the rush of so-called new... more

Producer and Director, Dorothy Holford of the documentary, 'The Joyce Ann Gaines Story' "More Than a Riot" comes to HLT Hot Topics, THE GHETTO TRUTH to open an awareness to a personal story of a young Negro woman in... more

I have been running into this tall good looking Black man for a while in the little community of Long Beach. I would see him with this little case and wonder. One day, Zachary Carlisle and I was rolling on the Blue Line heading inbound to... more

Hotwordz shoots from the hip and sometimes you have to put your gun back in the holster. ~G.g. So HLT presents: PoetryFeen who is an emotion spitting poet at heart. He has his hands seriously wrapped in the world of hip-hop. His emotions... more

Hotwordz Lyrical Theatre is firing up yet another open mic. Cambridge Jenkins IV and Trina Buchanan couldn't get through so at 2 in the P.M. on the EAST COAST, If you want to have your coffee with us on Hotwordz, it's 11:00 A.M. for... more

Hotwordz is taking it back to the beginning Monday, May 14, 2012. You know, we started out broadcasting Hotwordz Lyrical Theatre as the world's biggest open mic, so many people didn't understand how it worked. Some were... more

They say Gout is a silent disease and I say Autism is a silent disorder. Where I am abreast of many subjects, autism is not one of them. I fall very short as many of us do concerning Autism. I have only had an ideal about it by watching a... more

HLT's HOT Guest, Cambridge Jenkins III, a Writer, a Poet, a Songwriter has a lot of southern flavor. His latest poetry book, ?Pain and Victory? A Collection of Poems and Lyrics reaches your emotions and triggers universal resolutions. His... more
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