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We are the voice of gamers around the world. Come join us every week as we talk about the news and topics surrounding games and other entertainment. We want you to be a part of this show and help make it into something truly special! We are just regular people who love games and wanted to do something creative and make a show for everyone else like us out there. We hope you enjoy!

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Welcome to Episode 8 of The Gamer's Advocate! In this episode we give YOU a chance to win in our first contest! We also discuss Sony's controversial patent, some of our favorite gaming moments, where we think the Assassin's Creed... more

Happy New Year! Welcome to our 2013 preview episode. We bring the new year in right with talks about all the incredible (and maybe not so incredible) games coming out this year, the promise of next-gen, and what else we are excited... more

We at The Gamer's Advocate decided not to take a week off for the holidays because we knew how sad you would be without us! Listen in as we look back at 2012, be it good, bad or indifferent. We also talk about Walking Dead: Survival... more

Welcome to our first annual Game of the Year Podcast! Which game will take the ultimate prize?? We run down our top 10 list and fight back and forth to see which games deserve which spots. We also discuss THQ filing for bankruptcy and the... more

Welcome to our first annual Holiday Buyer's Guide episode. We talk about the best gaming deals and what you should be spending your gift money on or what gifts you should be getting your friends and family! We also each take a side,... more

We need your help for this week's episode! In our Devil's Advocate segment we take on Single-player vs. Multiplayer vs. Co-Op. We each pick a side and we need YOU to help us decide who won. We also talk about Bungie's new game,... more

In this episode we discuss the season finale of the first season of Telltales' Walking Dead: The Game which leads into our devil's advocate segment, Episodic content vs. All-in-one approach. We also talk about Bioshock Infinite, Mass... more

Welcome to The Gamer's Advocate. Join us as we introduce ourselves, talk about the Wii U launch and other topics going on in the gaming world. Also, listen to our first Devil's Advocate segement; Early adopters vs. Wait-and-see approach as... more