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Lovers of Metal in the morning. Defenders of truth & justice. Helpers of revolutionary Guatemalans. You've heard of Bosnia, they've never been there but will go someday and do great things.

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The masters of disaster share their top moments from the SHOWcase of the immortals. Join them as they relive the last 30 years of Wrestling history!

Welcome back to the SHOW where the playas, play! The Cards are back on the Diamond and as usual, Fuzzz has got an extra spring in his step! Join in as Fuzzz & the fellars discuss his own personal national holiday! Play ball with guns a... more

The boys from da SHOW come back to thunderdunk their picks and play above the rim of life! Call into the SHOW and we might just let you make a pick on our official bracket. If you think you can beat us join our bracket group over at ESPN... more

Ladies & Gentlemen, we return to your interwebz! To quote Don Matayo, "the boys read cheesy tweets, texts and make obscene noises"! so get your cellies ready! WE want you to call in and give us your opinion so we can hang up on... more

Your hero's of internet radio return for a long over due show. Join them as they recall some of the greatest MINOR charachters from Seinfeld. A show which no doubt influenced their "humor"

The Chris Farley party never stops with the best SHOW on the interwebz! We will break down the top ten characters of Chris Farley's career. So come on feel the noise and join us on this week's episode!

The Hall of Famers of the Interwebverse return this week for a special SHOW to calm the fears of the New York Yankees, Snow people. Yes it is a double helping of the SHOW this week. Try not to wet thyself in anticipation!

After all those weak award shows are over the real SHOW brings it this week in the 2nd Annual Fuzzz & Travis Awards aka "The FATty Awards"!

The fellars with the MOST SWAG in the game, return to the interwebz to rate the real winners in the NFL. The best uniforms of 2013! Go ahead and brace yourself for one of the greates SHOWs on turf and the internet.
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