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Lovers of Metal in the morning. Defenders of truth & justice. Helpers of revolutionary Guatemalans. You've heard of Bosnia, they've never been there but will go someday and do great things.

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There is always a reason for excitement here at the Show that is as mad as a March hare. Everything is a matter of timing, and this month always promises a burgeoning new season and a certain madcap tournament which tends to get a... more

Join the SHOW as they hit their newest landmark, the 200th episode! The crew will be discussing their latest adventure into the Redneck Sports Entertainment World and the upcoming #BradleysBDayBash. Ring in the wheelchair legends... more

On the precipice of greatness that is 200 episodes the Caped Crusaders bring you a SHOW of epic proportions and CONSEQUENCES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME! We have a great announcement regarding the weekend to be known as... more

The SHOW with the most returns to the interwebs to discuss many of things but mainly public bathroom eitquette of doom and destruction! You are about to get some truth dropped on yo head and you may not be ready. If you got some... more

Join the SHOW of doom and destruction as we bring the check of reality that you just cant cash. Yes, the reality check rears its ugly head in the direction of yonder college student extroadinare! Yes, those wonderful people that represent the... more

It is time once again to honor the life that was Chris Farley. One of our favorite episodes of the year when we chat about our favorite moments from the Tommy Boy himself. We will discuss the profound impact the SNL star had on our... more

Your favorite SHOW on Earth returns with you favorite Awards SHOW on earth! The third installment of the beloved FATties is on its way down the red carpet to your eardrums! Join us as we attempt to rain on a lot of peoples' parades.... more

Welcome to the weekend that is known around the world as Super Game Bowl FATSWAG weekend! We tell you everything you need to know about the FATtest football game of the whole entire year! We will give you the #FATSWAG pick of... more

It's Don Matayo's night on the SHOW and he will be delivering his expertise on the hardest video game bosses and villains in all of Nerddom! He will unleash his fury on the most difficult of all digital demons. Heard that? Well ya better dig it... more
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