The Future Speaks

What a lot of women don’t know is that when a man falls in love he almost never falls out of love. A woman has a built in recovery system unlike the man. Therefore a man protects his heart in a different way. Women can cry without shame or remorse. A man doesn’t feel the same freedom to cry through his problems, it isn’t manly in our society. Therefore in order not to end up crying, a man can’t allow himself to get hurt. A man will hide his feelings as long as he can. For a woman to know a man loves her, she should feel it and not hear it. A good slogan to live by is “believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see”. I would apply this because everything a man tells you may not be from his heart. When trying to understand a man’s feelings make sure that you tread lightly. This is a vault that I hesitate to open because you may not want to know what is really inside.

            We all know about the poker face. When playing poker one is taught not to let his expressions show what type of hand he has or the next move he will make. The same goes with a man in a relationship. We as men try to hide our emotions so that our woman never knows how we truly feel. That way she always has to try to understand us and as long as she is trying then we do not have to worry about her leaving. If a man would let his woman see exactly what he is feeling and that was her goal, then she has nothing left to see in him. Therefore, a man will stretch out this process as long as possible until he knows for a fact she is caught up. I was always told by my father that a woman is patient enough to play a role all the way up until marriage and then as soon as she gets that ring of security everything about her changes. When you think about it in other walks of life this is very true. Imagine fighting for a position at work or on a team. While you’re fighting for that spot you give your all and nothing less. You always try to out do those around you so that you look better than they do. Then you finally win the spot you wanted so badly and there is no competition because you are what you wanted to be. Now you start to slack. You don’t try as hard as you use to and you don’t give the energy and dedication you use to. A man has this theory down to a science. As a man our defense mechanism is to hide our feelings so that we never let the woman know she can relax because we aren’t going anywhere.

            On the other hand, a man could not be telling you how he feels because he feels absolutely nothing. While a woman is being sincere and taking it all in, the man is brushing it off as just another day. As men we try not to sit and fantasize about marriage with kids and the deepest love. We inherently know that if we fall in love that it will take more than a disaster to make us fall out of love. Therefore, knowing that’s the case we try our best to fight love for as long as we can. As a woman you could feel the world for the man your with and wonder everyday why he doesn’t express his feelings or write you a letter to tell you how he feels. The reason is because he likes you so he doesn’t want to lie to you. He knows it’s a good possibility if he does he could end up hurting you because he’s not ready for love. Therefore, he says nothing at all. When you wonder why your man isn’t telling you how he feels, don’t always brush it off as if he doesn’t know how to, understand that he may not be feeling anything. As a man I would say it takes twice as long for us to fall in love. I’ve been in relationships that I didn’t begin to truly love until after a year, but she had loved me since the second month. There is a difference in the feelings of men and women for a reason and the reason will be touched on in other chapters as well as this one.

Let me paint you a picture. You or a female you know may have this type of man. Your man could be starting to like you, but he’s holding back. He takes feeling from past relationships and recycles them on you. This man may write poems and letters with deep meanings but in essence you don’t feel that his feelings are really there yet. The thing is that he knows he has to express something because you’re giving so much of yourself. If he doesn’t give you something back then you’ll feel like he doesn’t like you. He knows you are wife material but he really doesn’t want to let you know that. There is something about his expressions that let you know he’s not being real. You may have a sense that he is just spittin game with his words or letters, but you can’t just accuse him of that so you accept it one word at a time. The reason some men have to fake it is because he’s not really feeling much yet. He knows your pretty and that you have a nice body and all the features he likes, but that’s all phys.......TO READ THE REST GRAB A COPY OF "WHAT DADDY NEVER TOLD HIS LITTLE GIRL" FOR ONLY $12 ON

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