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The Full Fledged Reality Show

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Are people presenting (The Full Fledged Reality) Show have experienced awesome answers to prayer. We believe in loving our neighbor as ourselves and part of that is helping others to seek and find the truth in this age of spiritual and technical and social evil. The Full fledged reality is Not fabricated reality! Truly, Truth is stranger then fiction. Contemporary reality isn't a walk in the park. The episodes on this channel are about exposing the weaponization of almost every aspect of modern culture. We seek to expose the warfare and weaponry directed against this generation by people who have been corrupted and changed by their investment in evil. People who value liberty and seek to protect the rights of others are invited to bring their information and add their prayers, even during the broadcasts, by calling in on this number: 1-347-826-9733. Please join us and share this opportunity with friends and people you care about. Thank you. P.S. Here is this older episode -----> http://www.podcastchart.com/podcasts/this-is-the-full-fledge-show347-826-9733call-in-line/episodes/our-enemies-are-inter-dimensional-can-we-defeat-them

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Hey! So sorry I'm never on time the show. Hats off to those who always bear with me ... Again welcome to The Full Fledge Show ... As usual the call in #number for topics that you want to talk about & have be discused is 347-826-9733 You... more

Because mankind is not the most intelligent being on this earth, and thousands of years ago fallen angels took for themselves wives, from the daughters of men, hybrid creatures were born in the earth and they also produced offspring. These... more

Whistleblower, Lt. Scott Bennett will discuss the covert missions of the real drug dealers in world. The War on Drugs has its roots in an international mechanism developed over hundreds of years. The purveyers of this kind of sorcery are... more

Sometimes life seems to let us notice things with a new focus, where clarity overtakes confusion, and truth dispels lies and faith handles our fear, so that our path becomes more evident. This is about the light becoming brighter in our... more

TRIGGER WARNING. This program discusses the intentional traumatizing of children by CIA and other agencies of the government, for the intentional creation of mind controlled slaves. It is, more importantly, a record of... more

The New Venues of Shared Truth are opening up a new world for people who have yearned for real liberty. The community of people despising the lies that our contemporary organs of propaganda pump out is growing, exponentially. The... more

Truth Unite is a spiritual calling for people who have been exercised in their revulsion for lies, dishonesty, injustice, legalized criminality and treason. Truth Unite is a program for Truth-tellers, because this generation is infested with liars... more

We all need to reflect on what is the hardest responsibility for someone right now or in the future. In the life of a Christian, the hardest responsibility now and for years to come is informing others about the bible and how it is real. We will talk... more

There is a trigger warning for this program. The first hour is a reading from a wonderful book, THE SHINING MAN WITH HURT HANDS, by Ellis Skolfield, who documented an experience of miracles in counceling with and witnessing to... more