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The people presenting The Full Fledged Reality Show have experienced awesome answers to prayer. We believe in loving our neighbor as ourselves and part of that is helping others to seek and find the truth in this age of spiritual and technical and social evil. The Full fledged reality is Not fabricated reality! Truly, Truth is stranger then fiction. Contemporary reality isn't a walk in the park. The episodes on this channel are about exposing the weaponization of almost every aspect of modern culture. We seek to expose the warfare and weaponry directed against this generation by people who have been corrupted and changed by their investment in evil. People who value liberty and seek to protect the rights of others are invited to bring their information and add their prayers, even during the broadcasts, by calling in on this number: 1-347-826-9733. Please join us and share this opportunity with friends and people you care about. Thank you. P.S. Here is this older episode -----> http://www.podcastchart.com/podcasts/this-is-the-full-fledge-show347-826-9733call-in-line/episodes/our-enemies-are-inter-dimensional-can-we-defeat-them

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The things we can see and perceive, in all the creation, from the tiniest to the greatest, are not things that enter eternity, when time is no more, but the invisible things are never destroyed, even the souls of men, which are ordained to eternal life, or eternal death. The spiritual world is the place where kingdoms are in conflict, and the battle between eternal truth and the vanity of lies is played out in the arena of souls. Which ruler reigns in our hearts? Have you been visited by the One God raised from the dead and heard His offer of forgiveness and eternal life?
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Trigger warnings about this presentation. This broadcast reveals terrible horrors of cruelty and glorious miracles of healing in the realm of human experiences. When men are seduced into darkness they are seen to disappear into an increasing... more

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0kw_qx_k4Q&sns=em This link is detailing the evidence of poisoning, with radiation the largest ocean on the planet with a cesium isotope that has a half life of 37 years. At Fukushimaradiation.info we... more

Daniel's 70 Weeks Prophecy and the Jesuit Lie of Futurism (Full) This is the title of a YouTube video, which I highly recommend. Tonight's discussion is about the counterfeit priesthood that has been keeping God's children from entering into... more

This is a program dedicated to reading about miracles of Inner healing, revealed in a book entitled, THE SHINING MAN WITH HURT HANDS. Man was made in the image of God and the glory of our Creator has been marred... more

Eye has not seen, neither has ear heard, what God has prepared for those that love Him. We are His handiwork, His precious treasure, and those He purchased with the price of the blood of His only begotten Son. We are being taught by an... more

Boundaries, borders and ancient landmarks, covenants, oaths and promises, laws of men and the laws of God, are designed to define our property lines, our lawful interests and our responcibilities. But people who want what belongs to others,... more

On Monday evenings we look at the amazing grace of God in His gifts of healing for people who have been profoundly and intentionally broken. We have been reading a wonderful book by Ellis Skolfield, entitled, The Shining Man With Hurt... more

The truth of God is hidden from people whose eyes have been darkened by sin. But God has provided a remedy for sin and spiritual blindness. That remedy is found in the One who defeated Lucifer-Satan, and took from that monster... more

What has possessed the Jesuit pontiff to change the word of God and rewrite the ten commandments given by the Almighty God? We will consider the facts regarding the common law indictments against this international criminal who... more