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The people presenting The Full Fledged Reality Show have experienced awesome answers to prayer. We believe in loving our neighbor as ourselves and part of that is helping others to seek and find the truth in this age of spiritual and technical and social evil. The Full fledged reality is Not fabricated reality! Truly, Truth is stranger then fiction. Contemporary reality isn't a walk in the park. The episodes on this channel are about exposing the weaponization of almost every aspect of modern culture. We seek to expose the warfare and weaponry directed against this generation by people who have been corrupted and changed by their investment in evil. People who value liberty and seek to protect the rights of others are invited to bring their information and add their prayers, even during the broadcasts, by calling in on this number: 1-347-826-9733. Please join us and share this opportunity with friends and people you care about. Thank you. P.S. Here is this older episode -----> http://www.podcastchart.com/podcasts/this-is-the-full-fledge-show347-826-9733call-in-line/episodes/our-enemies-are-inter-dimensional-can-we-defeat-them

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It was a true revelation from the One who knows everything that let me learn that there really is only one truth, and that the Truth is a Living Being. And it was amazing when I heard people say to me, "Well, you have your truth and I have... more

You ever notice that people say "that's just a fairy tale" as if fairies aren't real? The satanists at NASA (a gov agency in case you didn't know) are getting the McSlaves ready for their Alien Overlords. Presidential SELections are just that,... more

Has America and her people, the people that stood for loving Almighty God and loving your neighbor as themselves been corrupted beyond recovery? God forbid! God is faithful and always raises up His standard in the presence of... more

Illuminati here, Illuminati there, Illuminati everywhere. Isn't it true? We're in the Truth and Reconciliation phase of existence before the veil is finally lifted. They, the Illuminati, don't primarily care if you're nearing 40 and don't... more

Welcome again to the Full Fledge Show. The call in line is (347) 826-9733, if you wish to call in. Calls will be taken on the second hour of the show. Tonight's show is titled "Logical, Rational Citizens". The discussion will be on Donald... more

THIS PROGRAM INCLUDES A TRIGGER WARNING I have decided to dedicate the Monday Evening Edition of the Full Fledged Reality Show to exploring the ministry to victims of various kinds of trauma based soul control. We are going... more

In a nation with a significant number of Luciferians in the government, the obvious trend toward greater evil is increasing. The unthinkable is now become just the next stepping stone on a path that magnifies the love of death. It must be... more

Jade Helm 15 started 3 days ago, but who cares, right? Interesting conversation I had with some associates....it's surprising to hear that some people actually "know"about the New World Order, but have so little understanding on WHAT IT... more

We can not eat at the table of the Lord and the table of devils. When people see what was meant for our good being changed into something evil, when food is being poisoned, when venues that can offer good are being used to... more