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Putin and Obama are sharing blows with the societies of nations taking the punch. Wildfires, earthquakes, drought, dead fish, dead pigs, and beef prices skyrocketing. Nations in distress with perplexity!

Russian war planes buzz our coast and nothing is said? Are we preparing for war? More earthquakes and flooding. Wake up folks. Time to get your head out of the sand. Is our time coming? Tune in tonight at 8pm. A lot to discuss.

Kerry lied to Israel, he lied to the U.S, and he is the speaker of this nation. More storms possibly on the way. Massive sinkholes in Maryland, and tragic destruction as 69 tornados blast thre U.S. Ecclesiastes 1: Discussed tonight and so much... more

Israel says no deal on Peace Talks, Kerry gives Russia a final warning, We as a nation are never going to unite at this rate, The government using same ol plays from their playbook, and the coming Massive tornado's this weekend. All... more

Matt - With will be on the show tonight. Awesome information he is bringing to the table for the transportation industry. The latest info on the Bundy ranch, Ukraine is about to erupt, the Jews are now having to register in the... more

We must be in prayer for Israel. Blood moon's have always been life changing events for Israel and with all the mess here in the United States it seems to be looking dim for the U.S. Open Lines so call in. 646-929-0792

Special Guest tonight from the Bundy Ranch. Latest report is cell towers have been turned off and they are being isolated. We hope to make contact tonight. Sherry Smart, Neil Rice, Preacher Wiley Drake and Clive Bundy to be on... more

As Russia continues to invade Ukraine, Kerry still insistant on defending the Ukraine. Could this lead to WW3? Who knows, but the outlook for a major battle looks like it may be. 60 rockets hit Israel from Gaza. The Royal navy test fires... more

Walking the beaches of a possible beginning to some troubling times. Open forum tonight on the show discussing what is next and around the corner

So much is going on and so many unaware. Why is our media silent?