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We have seen so much take place across the world at each blood moon.and this year is no different. Going to recap all that has taken place up to now, the 3rd Blood Moon. Laying out all information as to what will be coming next. Tune in... more

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: These days are now among us. The lawless one prevails and no one seems to care. To many occupied in the world and they way trendy should be. A lot... more

Going to discuss C.E.R.N. Nimrod, The Tower of Babble, solar Eclipse on the 20th, and Ezekiel 8 stunning information on what may be around the corner. Tune in Live tonight. at 9pm Central.

Upon the weekes end of Netanyahu's historical speec to congress this week, America needs to take heed. 30 plus of our Reps. refused to attend, and later mokced the leader of Israel playing childish games. Rep. from Kentucky had the... more

Very important info tonight about Netanyahu's visit the America and how important it is that we take caution with how we aprroach this. Details are outstanding. More threats of war and all the signs of the times are growing. Tune in 8pm tonight.

So much craziness taking place these days. Now the Admin is telling the enemy when and where we are going to attack, and putting our troops in harms way. Much more to discuss tonight. Don't miss.

So Obama now his blank check for war! What amount will he write it for, and at what cost will it be to us the American. Syria bound you watch. A new Sec. of Defense?? Wow!! So much to cover tonight. Don't miss

It is time to repent and give our life back to Christ. So much is brewing on the surface and taking its toll on all societies. When will the dam break and what will be coming to cause the flood. Going over current events tonight and how they... more

The scientist move the dooms day clock forward 2 mins toward midnight last wee, Yellowstone is all over the news with over 1,900 earthquakes, war rages on Israel and we are preoccupied by football games and entertainment. we are going to... more

So much to discuss that has taken place this week. Why is the chaos unfolding? Racing to a conflict and what will the days bring?