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ISIS army have crossed the border and are taking of Texas border towns. Threats are raging and its looking intense on a possible attack. We will be going over tonight all the actions over the last 4 years that has been leading up to this.... more

So much is taking place over the last days. No credible threats have been made that America will be attacked again next month. Our President obviously cares less. Borders wide open, throwing schoolyard blows at Putin, and now... more

As the 1st blood moon phase comes to a close, and the 2nd is on the horizon, the world erupts into chaos. Now huge cracks opening up in the earth in the Canary Islands, Pakistan, and Mexico. Ferguson Mo. is a nightmare. Our boarders are... more

As the world burns and the Middle-East is falling to pieces, America finds Martial Law on their streets once again. Christian's are being brutally murdered and persecuted, Russia is loading for war, and Obama denies Israel weapons yet... more

In today's world the last 6 years of America's rein has been tragic, but not as tragic as the last few months since April 15th, the start of the 4 blood moons. Since then the world has been gripped in chaos and destruction world... more

With tension rising in Gaza and Israel battering the enemy, it looks as though Psalms 83 is about to spark. At the same time earthquakes are rocking many regions, storms are increasing, and drought and famine is increasing as well. All... more

All nations are turning on Israel in protest for their attacks on Gaza. Nothing is being condemed toward Gaza for starting this and firing missiles at will into Israel for no reason. We are about to see Psalms 83 take place. Russia and... more

Israel is under fire and taking rockets from hamas! As America's land is invaded by illegal's, Obama drinks beer and shoots pool in Texas for a fund raiser. NOTHING is being done about our invasion, but most importantly nothing is... more

People, America has breathed its last breath, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Border's are wide open, the U.N. Is making their way to the states, and our president is partying with Muslims on the 4th of July and not reconizing our... more

Congress proves Obama VIOLATED the constitution and he is still in office? ISIS now planning to take Israel, Obama asking congress for 500 MILLION dollars to send to the ISIS, Oklahoma quakes, plague of snakes and bees, FATCA goes... more