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Gruber admitting we were lied to about Obamacare, he being a framer of the bill the Admin caught in ANOTHER lie denying it. Ferguson, Mo. in limbo, Obama pushing Executive order unconstitutionally to harbor criminals and then tells the... more

Tonight 8pm central! Where to start? The House opens floor with prayer to allah?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Bagdadhi calls for muslims around the world to open, "Volcanoes of Jihad". Russian nuclear bombers are running maneuvers right off... more

Back after a long sabbatical! A lot to discuss tonight. So much has taken place and it appears America wants their country back. Obama promises to use his authority to sign executive orders to further his agenda. Will congress step up to... more

Discussion tonight on all that is taking place.Call in with your thoughts. We are going to discuss history, current events today, the roll of today's church failing, and what is to come in the coming days with America. Open Lines tonight... more

With everyone in fear of an Ebola outbreak, the dow drops a massive decline. All this now directly after the second Blood Moon. Is this a sign to come, or is this just the beginning of the end. More to discuss and open lines tonight... more

Ebola has entered America and is taking over. Little to no precautions are being taken to control this plague. Israel is having all its allies turn their back on them including the US. As more earthquakes rumble, volcanos begin erupting, a new... more

**Warning**!!! The year of the, "Shemitah" began September 25, 2014. Stunning biblical ramifications that has occurred in these years. We will define the, "Shemitah", tonight. As we see war with Syria commencing, Ebola spreading... more

Syria is in the limelight once again as the administration attempt another radical takeover of a sovereign nation that refuses to adapt to the Global Elite's agenda. Why does American's not question the fact that our administration has forcibly... more

ISIS army have crossed the border and are taking of Texas border towns. Threats are raging and its looking intense on a possible attack. We will be going over tonight all the actions over the last 4 years that has been leading up to this.... more

So much is taking place over the last days. No credible threats have been made that America will be attacked again next month. Our President obviously cares less. Borders wide open, throwing schoolyard blows at Putin, and now... more