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With tension rising in Gaza and Israel battering the enemy, it looks as though Psalms 83 is about to spark. At the same time earthquakes are rocking many regions, storms are increasing, and drought and famine is increasing as well. All... more

All nations are turning on Israel in protest for their attacks on Gaza. Nothing is being condemed toward Gaza for starting this and firing missiles at will into Israel for no reason. We are about to see Psalms 83 take place. Russia and... more

Israel is under fire and taking rockets from hamas! As America's land is invaded by illegal's, Obama drinks beer and shoots pool in Texas for a fund raiser. NOTHING is being done about our invasion, but most importantly nothing is... more

People, America has breathed its last breath, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Border's are wide open, the U.N. Is making their way to the states, and our president is partying with Muslims on the 4th of July and not reconizing our... more

Congress proves Obama VIOLATED the constitution and he is still in office? ISIS now planning to take Israel, Obama asking congress for 500 MILLION dollars to send to the ISIS, Oklahoma quakes, plague of snakes and bees, FATCA goes... more

People, the ISIS has taken many large cities in Iraq and now moving on Bagdad. The oil fields are up for grabs, and OB has asked Iran to join the mix. Fuel prices are rising and FATCA is right around the corner July 1st. The enemies are... more

Euphrates River Shut off to Syria Iraq (Revelations 16:12), Iraq is being conquered by radicals 500,000 people escaping, our border is being consumed as we speak, Terrorist attack on US soil in Nogales AZ and hearing crickets... more

Why is this Administration on the hunt to destroy this nation? Why are our rights being taken away daily? Why has the President signed an exsecutive order to impliment martial law even if no war is breaking out. We are being conditioned... more

People, Nations are in distress with perplexity. The Bible says what we do to Israel will be done to us. Kerry has petitioned countries to boycott Israel, the Pope has desicrated Israel by his vist. Upon the Pope landing in Israel a... more

Bill WIlliamson has returned from Texas with many new stories to share. Tune in at 8pm Central and we will discuss. Also talking about the OAS taking place in D.C.