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Ever wondered what exactly the Black Horse means? Tonight we will discuss that and current events of the week,.

We will go over all the weeks current events and then dive into the Dead Sea Prophecy. Special guest tonight Nickb Giglio discusses his latest movement to spread the light as we were commanded to share. 8pm Central. A lot to discuss.

Ezekiel's Prophecies seem to be playing out before our eyes this year with Russia now involved in the Ukraine (Gomer). So taking a look back tonight on the prophecy of the dried bones that was shown to Ezekeil and examine its tru... more

Ralph Butler "Rowdy" will be live on the show tonight talking about his journey of delivering wreaths across America. His detailed description is heart warming yet very sad. I am very honored to be supporting our men and women in... more

Well it appears ther is another missing plane. Wonder what important soul must have been on this one? There is more riots taking place in Nashville and Memphis in the food courts of the malls last night. This is not by accident, but is... more

Looks as though Ezekiel is telling the truth once again. How do we fine these things in todays time playing out word for word. Is the US pushing us into war?

Is America mystery Babylon? We will look at the teachings tonight. Russia being bailed out by China, signing a deal with Turkey, and America agreeing to the U.N.'s treaty now to divide Israel it seems that the hits just keep on coming. Join... more

As the storms rage across the globe, while storms rage across California, Obama has told Israel that his last 2 years in office will be focused strongly on dividing Israel's land. The Whitehouse is constantly posting their "Press released pics"... more

These past weeks events are ever growing closer to fitting in detail the words of the scripture. Day by day the pieces of the puzzel are coming together. Tonight we go over and discuss the happenings in the world today and how to... more

Telling the turkey story tonight!! Also, Black Horses flying in the sky in Saudi Arabia?? A sea in China turns blood red, Volcano in Japan explodes, mass chaos erupts across the nation and world protesting everywhere. Russia is sending... more