The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit

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Our show pokes fun at established customs and beliefs.We will also cover current topical issues, question the status quo, and encourage FREE thinking.

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This is our Easter Episode. Did Jesus really die for our "sins"? Did he really have to die so you that rappers now wear lower case t's around their necks? What is the power of the lower case "t"? Why did the lower case "t" win out over all the... more

Today's episode will revisit the idea of "Behind every great fortune, there's a crime. We will look at Starbucks today and should they pay their employees $15/ hr. Is corporate greed out of control?

This episode of The Forbidden Fruit will discuss Good Old Home Remedies the big Pharmaceutical Companies don't want you to know about. How did we get along without our Fancy Spancy drug companies? Did grandma know what she... more

This installment of The Forbidden Fruit is calling all Meat Lovers and Vegie Lovers to the show. Stand up and represent. Vegetarian or Meatetarian, how do you plead? (BURP) We may even discuss some religion. At the end of... more

This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will discuss the Affordable Care Act. Do you love or hate it? Is this the best America can do? Is this plan doing too much? Should paying for healthcare be a given and down with any kind of free... more

This episode is decated to women and things they do to look good for men, themselves and other women. There's nothing wrong with being natural the way God made you.

This episode of The Forbidden Fruit is going to be a treat to both our loyal listerners and those who are just finding us. We have inventor and physicist Gary Wade stopping by today to discuss among other things, the facinating story of... more

Today we're going to look at the Multi National Conglomerate of THEY Inc. You know what THEY say? Do we put too much in what "They" say? At one time in history, "They" said the world was flat. How wrong were they! THEY tell us... more

This episode of The Forbidden Fruit will have fun with the Moses story. How could millions of people roam around lost for 40 years without someone saying, "Moses are we there yet"? Was it a "Man" thing and he refused to pull over and ask for... more