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The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit


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Our show pokes fun at established customs and beliefs.We will also cover current topical issues, question the status quo, and encourage FREE thinking.

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This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will discuss what you think about the Presidency, the Presidential candidates, recent mass shootings and whatever comes to mind. We may even place a call to Skin DEEP Theology podcast. As you already know, anything can happen here on The Fruit. Call in number to listen to the show or to participate is same number, 347-202-0492. To talk to us, just press 1. email address is AppleBrain@Live.com
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On-Demand Episodes

This installment of The Forbidden Fruit welcomes a really good friend of the show, Jeremiah Camara. We love having Jeremiah on the show. Each time he calls in, that episode becomes an instant classic. This episode will be no different. You... more

Rapper Greydon Square joins us to talk about his music, his journey to atheism, share his music and discuss whatever we -want to talk about! Join us tonight in the chatroom or call in, 347-202-0492 if you would like to talk to us or... more

Join all of us jokers as we talk to Ishmael Brown, creator of Angry Black Rant podcast. This is a new podcast that has gained popularity quickly. It is brutally honest, angry and black. We will be discussing Angry Black Rant as well as... more

Four members of the cast of Atheist Apocolypse joins us to talk about post rapture shenanigans. Paul will finally come out of the closet as a Canadian, Deb will admit that she uses Soul Glo in her hair and Auntie Atheist talks about her... more

This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will look at the racism at colleges and universities across America. While paying attention to the news of what's going on at American colleges and universities, it kinda takes you back to the late... more

This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will look back at the past 2 years of doing The Fruit. With more than 200 episodes of "THE FRUIT" under our belts, this will be a fun and crazy show not to miss. So grab yourself a piece of Fruit Cake... more

This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will ask the question, "What is going on with South Carolina? Is it the most racist state in the union? With the killing of 9 black church members to the recent beat down of a black 18 year old... more

Recently a cop decided the right move to get a girl to leave her classroom after she refused to leave was to body slam her, while in her desk and drag her out. I wonder if it would have been different if the girl was minding her business... more

This installment of Forbidden Fruit wants to know what is grinding your gears. What has been on your mind for quite awhile or it just hit you. From all that is going on the news there is plenty to let off steam about. Even if you're not... more

(ENCORE PERFORMANCE PLEASE DO NOT CALL IN) This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will have fun with some of the bible stories you will probably never hear in church. We will attempt to break down these stories and expose some... more