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Our show pokes fun at established customs and beliefs.We will also cover current topical issues, question the status quo, and encourage FREE thinking.

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It's easier to force a camel through the eye of a needle than to get a Christian to debate their God on the airwaves! This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will except the challenge of a faithful Christian that said they want to debate and defend their God. Okay challenge accepted! Bring it on! Even though the heat will get hot for our Christian friend, we will keep it friendly and fun. He was advised to bring a crew to help him, but all he needs is himself and his Jesus. Cross your fingers, lets hope his Jesus shows up. We all know how Jesus can be AWOL at times. LOL Sorry Christians, I had to go there. :-) In any case this this show should not disappoint. Tune in and join in on the fun! Call in and/or listen at 347-202-0974 Write us at Catch us on iTunes in the Podcast section Listen to us at Like us on Facebook at
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This episode of The Forbidden Fruit will try to continue where the last heated episode left off regarding the Great God Debate with Matthew of Stickman radio and what ever theist who has the courage to defend their beloved and well... more

This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will ask the questions, "Why do some Christians have so much anger for Ex-Christians?" It's one factor that makes it so hard for to leave the church. It's amazing how people tthat you once considered... more

This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will debate whether God is public Enemy Number One or not with Commedian Odis Odog. Odis is considered The Forbidden Fruit's resident Christian. Odis believes that since the bible does have... more

This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will discuss the effect of 911. With the highly effective plan of 911, we've lost a ton of freedoms. Remember with you could take your loved ones to the Airport and see them off at the gate? There... more

Today on it's Godless Sunday on The Fruit and we will be Free-Styling today. Today anything can happen. Politics, Religion, Comics, Dating as an Athieist, anything!! It's gonna be fun and you know this MAN! Call in and join us on... more

This installment of The Forbidden Fruit radio show will ask the question, What to the black person is the Fourth of July?" This a slight variation on the title of Frederick Douglass's 1852 speach entitled "What to the Slave is the Fourth of... more

This episode of the Forbiddn Fruit will discuse the Supreme Court decision, allowing Hobby Lobby to deny their female employees having their contraceptions cover by company insurance. 347-202-0492

This installment of The Forbidden Fruit radio show will ask and play with the question, "Is Atheism a Religion?" Where does the Devil fit in, if at all? Would you attend a weekly Atheism service? You just left religion and now you are enjoying... more

This episode of The Forbidden Fruit will tackle the subject of women's rights. With the way women are being treated all over the world, this episode is a long time coming. Just like James Brown said, this is a man's world. You see it it in... more