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I will be talking about judging and how we shouldn't judge, and how it doesn't feel good to be stero typed or even have racial profiling done to you....or what felt like racial profiling .. New Music !! SafeKept: Shape and Form... more

The thought about having to re read the same story in the bible that you have already read over and over, and why its best to do it again!

LIfe is like a garden, spiritual life and even physical life, some thoughts from myself on this topic! LIsten to find out more, Follow me on Twitter, @dj_akt1

1 Corinthians 9:24 will be discussed and you need to perservere to succeede

when having worship time at church or home, do you really know what you are singing? It is ver important to know what the song lyrics to any song actually mean, and why we sing.

Many times we forget that once someone gets saved, that they will still need support. Most times it seems as though the ones who helped the person get saved drop off the fave of the map for them; so how are they going to know... more

Just wondering some things talking it out and hoping others chime in, why do we do what we do? what makes telling the truth a good thing, and God is Good!

Father's day honoring Fathers with talk of father things and even a verse or two about fathers and my own thoughts and something we need to remember, as well! Ephesians 6:1-4

Advice and encouragement form the Bible for Graduates, and congratulating the high school and college graduates on a job well done, as it is not always easy to succeed!