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The goal of this show is to minister the Word of God, so that souls are saved and strongholds are pulled down. To God be the glory.

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Tune in this week my special guest is Ms Chenise Kean, founder and owner of Caribbean Corner Cuisine Catering which she launched in the spring of 2005, with a vision of creating one of metro Atlanta's finest catering services. Trained at... more

GILDA EVANS is an experienced dater, wife, mother and bon vivant extraordinaire who started her first business while in college at the age of 20, which she sold at a profit when she was 24. Winning her first poetry contest... more

In this segment Lady Tunya Griffin, and I pick up where we left off last week, talking about the mind of a successful black women. The conversation was very thought provoking, insightful and motivating. I am looking forward to this second... more

In this segment my special guest is Ms. Tunya Griffin, founder of Life Giver, an organization based in Rochester, New York, that helps to enpower women from all walks of life. She and I will be discussing the topic from the standpoint your... more

Erica A. Murray, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and a resident of Houston, Texas has made her mark in this world as an entrepreneur, real estate broker, mortgage broker, real estate developer, garment manufacturer and global... more

In this segment my special guest is the lovely Author Shonda Devaughn, she is the Best-Selling Author of "A Hood Chick's Story!" Shonda, will share with us the motivation behind her story and help us to better understand how our view on life... more

In this segment I will be speaking on how to continue to trust God, even when your circumstances are getting worse. Many times we are faced with challenges that we pray about and have hope that prayer will change our situation for the... more

In this segment I will be exploring this topic from the standpoint of what has been happening to many young entertainers dying ahead of time here recently and athletes. These individuals have to do so much extraordinary things in order to... more

In this segment we will be discussing our last thoughts on the life and times of this icon and where she prospered and where she fell. Callers will have the opportunity to express their hurt, anger, thoughts on what happened to Whitney,... more

In this segment I am joined by author Ms Leila Love, her book is entitled "Twitch Twitch." She and I will have a conversation about her unique style of writing and her passion for this particular topic. I know you are wondering what is the... more