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The Fine Print: We're Calling "B.S."


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Calling all lawyers, law students, law supporters, and law breakers! We are calling "B.S." and shedding a light on the "fine print" of law.

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Your hosts will explore the laws surrounding unprotected sex. Specifically, we will address what legal issues occur when someone who is HIV positive does not disclose this information to their partner. Are there any legal protections for this... more

"Parents were supposed to build up their children's self-esteem, not tear it down." This quote from a new book, "Ebony the Beloved," outlines the scope of the show for tonight. Author Hannah Spivey joins your hosts tonight to discuss... more

"Playing the race card" is an idiomatic phrase that refers to exploitation of either racist or anti-racist attitudes by accusing others of racism. The phrase is commonly used in two contexts. In the first, and more common context, it alleges... more

Were you "Born this Way?" Perhaps the law can answer that question for you ... but exactly what is the law on gender identity? Can a transgendered man call himself a man when he was born biologically as a woman? Is Transgendered a... more

We're back! Your hosts Bryan Babcock and Seterria Brodnex will put down "The Fine Print" once again and go "B.S. on Sex: Volume II." We have hit over 500 listens to one show now. If our listeners continue to increase in number, we will... more

The United States Supreme Court has ruled before that " [c]itizenship has its responsibilities as well as its privileges, and in time of war the burden is always heavier." That message has always been a part of the conditions of U.S.... more

Domestic violence is the unspoken issue in a great number of American households. Join your hosts (and they're special guests) as we talk about the big pink elephant in the room ... its causes and its effects. Do you know the signs... more

The use of the right of self-defense as a legal justification for the use of force in times of danger is available in many jurisdictions, but the interpretation varies widely. Today we are testing this interpretation with cases such as Trayvon... more

Join your hosts as they give you the low down on the drug "game" and how the law works against it. We will cover the drug industry's victims, its success stories, and ponder the legalization of marijuana. Is Sean Paul right: Should we... more

As a special gift to all our listeners for getting us to our 400 archive listens mark, your hosts Bryan Babcock and Seterria Brodnex will put down "The Fine Print" and go "B.S. on Sex: Volume I." If our listeners continue to increase in number,... more