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Calling all lawyers, law students, law supporters, and law breakers! We are calling "B.S." and shedding a light on the "fine print" of law.

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Tonight your hosts return with a new episode of B.S. on Sex, and this episode promises to make us all clutch our pearls. Bryan Babcock and Seterria Brodnex will come HARD with the naughty on a show that will discuss "group... more

In this episode your hosts will tackle racial fetishes and preferences. When people say they don't date outside their race, is it because they're bigots or racists? They call them ?preferences.? Should race alone be a reason to exclude... more

?Behind every great fortune is a great crime.? Ever heard that line before? In this episode your hosts, Bryan Babcock and Seterria Brodnex, will bring that saying to life with an examination of the great family fortunes of the United States, and... more

?We are family; nothing can tear us apart.? How often have we heard that line mentioned by our brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, aunts, or uncles? And how often is that line tested by the very people that swear nothing could tear your... more

Trials have been described as knife fights with ties. Two lawyers go into a courtroom; one emerges the winner, but both leave with severe battle scars and blood on their hands. That is the name of the game with litigation. The client... more

Tonight your hosts are finally covering oral sex, or, as we are calling it, Lip Service. This is a must listen show for anyone--male or female included--that is on the giving or receiving end of any form of oral sex. Your hosts, Bryan Babcock... more

Tonight's show is going to cover a topic that piggy backs off a previous episode, "The Fine Print of Foreclosure." In that show, guest Latrice Latin told you that bankruptcy is one of the ways people can prevent a foreclosure of their home.... more

Last year this time The Fine Print did a show on America that sparked fear it would be canceled by the FCC. Anytime you have your audience worried you're going to be canceled for what you say, you're obviously doing a great job.... more

To all you lawyers, lawmakers, and law breakers out there, the usual format of The Fine Print will not air tonight. Instead, your hosts offer you a special show dedicated to your favorite guilty pleasure, sex. Over the previous four volumes of... more

Whether it's Teena Marie hipping us to the tea, Adele telling us how the rumor has it, or the Scissor Sisters having a kiki and dishing just desserts, everyone is hot for juicy gossip. The Fine Print is no different in that regard. We live... more