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THE FIELD REPORT' DEBRIEF: News segment on Health, Science and going beyond the Headline News, the back story. highlighting on topics around natural health solutions to home remedies. Cross Training's focus is topics on Body, Mind & Spirit.

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DV recovery is the first initial 30 to 90 days and what to expect. topics: hypervigilance, PTSD trauma, Pray, Health, Adjustment time, Family relationships, estrangement, sleep adjustments, seperation anxiety, structure, paying bills,... more

quiet, and talk. topics: nonverbal ques, what to pay attention to find patience on the serious topic of love, romance, courtship and marriage.

part iii: continuing the report on domestic abusive recovery. surviving it one thing, recovering is another. As a survivor of domestic violence, the victim goes from survivor to recovery. it depends on many things to. i think sheer will helps, but... more

...making our entrance after a long break from the show, i learned a few things on my "off" time. hot topics trending, *Political Debate: Winners and Losers from The CNN Debate in Arizona. *affordable, common sense home remedies.... more

fictional story- " Hay-wired" a story behind the story, in the backdrop, the most celebrated prophetic event has occurred and Haywire is really the back story of The Live News Feed. the headlines of massive collapses, automobile... more

part ii: domestic violence and abuse recovery. a time to heal and live again. the ability to recover and knowing noone can steal that from you...recovery begins now.

tonight's topic: overcoming domestic violence and abuse recovery

lite talk, lite music

happy birthday to w-pms radio 5.0. a look back at radio at BTR and my career back to 1987. my first announcing job at a deli-counter in high school announcing the deli specials..enjoy the show and what's a head!

it's time to humor ourselves, yes! what we do to unscramble our day, as it bungle after another..yet finding humor in the midst, is a life saver everytime and much more..