The Felino Way

Antonio Felino

Portugal, EnglishComedy

Antonio Felino. Special, funny, strange, to the point character. Strange ideas but worth while listening to.

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Antonio Felino is in Colombia continuing his research and spreading the word on his special view on life. Este show se desarrolla en Colombia y será por lo tanto realizado en Español y contará con protagonistas locales... more

Antonio Felino contiunues exploring realtionships between men and women. This show Antonio explores the views of women and girls on relationships. How do women see men, what are their expectations, what are they looking for?... more

Antonio Felino introduction in the Blogtalkradio community. Antonio's first words to the people out there. People in desperate need for some "Real man", "macho" analysis of Life. Beware "women", Antonio is a real Tiger with feline moves that... more