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The Faeries and Angels LIVE Radio Shows includes shows on topics like: *Angels *Faeries *Prosperity *Energy Healing *FREE Angel Readings *Mermaids *Unicorns *Spirituality *Healing *UFO's *Energy Shifts *Life Purpose and more!

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In this episode listen as Adrienne Dumas and her sister Kember Knippa talk about their family's UFO encounters and other paranormal experiences. This is part one in a special series entitled "Dumas Family Paranormal Encounters". We will... more

Everyone talks about manifesting more money, better health, romance, etc during the New Year - but what about manifesting a more peaceful life in general? Where you are more at peace with yourself and with life regardless of what is or... more

Join Andrea and Andrea for a powerful show where we will do a big BLESSING for everyone for this Holiday Season! We will also be talking about energy shifts and what messages the Angels and Faeries have for us this Holiday Season!... more

Listen as Adrienne talks about GRACE and how we can invoke this energy into our lives! She'll also be doing GRACE readings for callers and chatters! www.adriennedumas.com www.thefaeriesandangelsradionetwork.com

According to the Law of Attraction we manifest into our lives, what we are vibrating. What does your vibration reveal? Are you sticking to an old story that keeps you stuck in an old vibration? It's time to tell a new story! Amp up your... more

Today I will be talking about The Gossamer Winged Fairies and also doing Fairy readings for callers and people in the chat room! Be sure to visit our website at www.thefaeriesandangelsmagazine.com and... more

Join Adrienne Dumas LIVE for FREE Angel Readings all hour long! Join the chat room to get a reading or call in! For a full personal reading with Adrienne go to www.adriennedumas.com to order a more detailed personal angel reading!

In this show Adrienne Dumas gives tips about how you can work with your Angels and the Faeries to create a more Radiant Aura - she describes what an Aura is and why it is important to have a healthy aura too! Purchase her... more

In this show we are going to draw our energy together to make our wishes come true! What do YOU Wish to have manifest into your life now? Make a Wish and then listen to the show and we will be gathering up energy to make our wishes... more

In this show I, Adrienne Dumas, talk about real Angel and Faery encounters including some of my own - and how YOU can start to see, hear or feel your angels and faery guides better!
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