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Monday thru Thursday at 10PM EDT Americans and foreigners with decent internet access are invited to get the Evil Conservative take on the news and views from Washington and around the world. As a caricature, Evil Conservative offers a defacto no-spin zone, as two dimensions simply don't allow for spinning. Make sure you check our page at www.EvilConservativeOnline.com and simul-streaming on Liberty Works Radio Network. Please note that, due to the simulcasting, there is are 30 seconds of silence to start the show, and two 5-minute silences during the show at :15 and :35. Thank you for listening.

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The unemployment rate is advertised at a concerning 10.2%, but more honest assessments are pegging the number at closer to 17.5%. What the media isn't telling you is that the unemployment rate for young black Americans is closer to... more

Tonight we'll interview car dealer Phil Wolf, whose Denver billboard (featured on Drudge today), is angering liberals and educating drivers. I bet he's had some interesting reactions... Also, is it possible that the climate fraudsters at the IPCC... more

Why on Earth are the 9/11 defendents being tried in a civilian court in NYC? There's no doubt that it will be a disturbing and dangerous undertaking - and the President is only making things worse with his ill-advised comments on the... more

Are we headed for another downturn in the economy? More and more economists are saying exactly that. We have fake jobs in phony districts being "created" with stimulus $$, phony unemployment numbers, manipulated inflation figures- and,... more

Unfortunately, it's no joke, as Obama has decided to import admitted terrorists for a show trial in lower Manhattan. What's going to be on trial and how much of a threat is this to NY'ers? We'll discuss...

Siver citizens beware! The AARP doesn't have your best interests at heart- in fact, they stand to profit MIGHTILY from Obamacare. EC explains the conflict of interest that ensures that the AARP will make life harder and more expensive for... more

Tonight EC will explain the Copenhagen Treaty in light of the excellent legal analysis done by John Charlton. Does this treaty really sneak in a global government? Is there really a plot to create an "enforcement" regime that would... more

Fingers are pointing all over the Obama administration, as agency after agency try to pin the blame for this horror on other agencies. Who missed all the warning signs? And since when are emails to Al Qaeda linked imams and personal... more

Everyone knows by now that the Ft Hood massacre was committed by a radical Muslim, opening fire on his defenseless comrades while yelling "Allahu Akbar!!" President Obama, for his part, has encouraged us to not jump to conclusions.... more

The government is hemming and hawing about the attack today at Ft Hood. The fact of the matter is that this was a coordinated terrorist attack on a military base on US soil. How much longer will we avoid discussing what we all know is the... more
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