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Monday thru Thursday at 10PM EDT Americans and foreigners with decent internet access are invited to get the Evil Conservative take on the news and views from Washington and around the world. As a caricature, Evil Conservative offers a defacto no-spin zone, as two dimensions simply don't allow for spinning. Make sure you check our page at www.EvilConservativeOnline.com and simul-streaming on Liberty Works Radio Network. Please note that, due to the simulcasting, there is are 30 seconds of silence to start the show, and two 5-minute silences during the show at :15 and :35. Thank you for listening.

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Arizona is coming under fire from the lawless left, primarily because their state government decided it's time to protect the rights of people who don't act with total disregard for immigration law. With nasty words like "racist" and "nazi" being... more

Most presidents tailor their message to the American people. In fact, we've come to expect that, but not from our most un-presidential President Barack Hussein Obama. He speaks to Obama seeks to connect with "young people,... more

Tonight U.S. Army Maj. General Paul Vallely joins EC for an in-depth discussion on "birther" LTC Terry Lakin's possible courtmartial for demanding Obama demonstrate his eligibility for office, and the the rise of the dangerously... more

Millions of Americans are rightfully and righteously indignant about Wall Street's hijinks as they took advantage of the little guy, so what do we need now? Someone willing to use all that indignation to fuel their own agenda, of course.... more

With Obama's war on Wall Street gaining momentum with the prosecution of Goldman Sachs, now might be an opportune time to take a look at where he may be drawing inspiration, and no one comes to mind quite like Robert... more

You could call it "socialism for the rich," and, if it keeps going unchecked, will enslave us all. What is corporatism anyway? We'll also talk to Ryan Mauro about the danger posed by an allied Russia and Iran

The world is watching as Barack Obama meets and exceeds all the most paranoid concerns about how he would run the country, turning our government into everything sane people fear and hate. Obama and his lackeys are openly... more

Barack Obama is a very busy man, with much on his agenda. That makes it kind of noteworthy when he starts spending the political capital from his first real legislative "victory" (healthcare) on priorities explicitly outlined by Muslim... more

Why on Earth would we give up the security that the United States' nuclear threat has provided us for the last half century? Two words, really. Arab League. I also wonder how all this ties in to LTC Lakin and his fight to ensure the legitimacy of... more
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