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Change will always be inevitable with time, whether or not you choose to survive it is up to you - the End WithIn on the 'COME AND TAKE IT RADIO NETWORK'

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TONIGHT 04/17 – 08:00PM CT – ?America Takes a Stand at the Bundy Ranch? This past weekend 04/12/2014 will make its make in history as the day America stood and said no more. I think there is no better way to... more

TONIGHT 04/10 09:00PM CDT – ?The New America, How do you like ?? Tonight, we will be discussing the ‘NEW' Ruby Ridge involving Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy. The complete total abuse of power by various agencies,... more

TONIGHT 03/27 on ?The End Within? - The Global Economy and Geo-Politics Tonight we'll be looking at the latest moves of Putin and what seems like his march across Europe to re-claim the Soviet Empire. There is not one to stop... more

Tonight 09:00PM CDT on ?The End Within? – We talk once again to Carol Ray. This week she has made some incredible finds regarding global governance, the economy and geoengineering. Also, she located other documents and... more

TONIGHT 03/06 09:00PM CDT – ?Global Banking and Money Bubble? - This evening on, ‘The End Within' we will be discussing Global Banking and the Money Bubble toward Globalization. The REAL game that is... more

TONIGHT 02/27 09:00PM CDT - ?The Latest News and Analysis? TONIGHT 02/27 09:00PM CDT - ?The Latest News and Analysis? on, ?The End Within? including Justina Pelletier and the Pelletier family. Another similar case is found... more

TONIGHT 02/20 -9:00PM CDT - ?World Economy, Justina Pelletier? This evening on, ?The End Within? we'll be discussing continued anomalies with the World's Economy and other front. Our main discussion with be about Justina Pelletier... more

TONIGHT on, ?The End Within? – 02/06/2014 09:00PM CDT– ?We're Back with Carol Ray? TONIGHT – 0216/2014 09:00PM CDT – Our special guest is Carol Ray of Facebook Fame. I have spoken with... more

TONIGHT 01/16/2014 – 09:00PM CDT ?The End Within? – The Philosophes of France Tonight on ?The End Within?, we are back for our first show of 2014 after a long holiday. We will be talking about some of the latest... more

Tonight, Thur 12/19 - It's Christmas again and time to talk FOOD with Master Chef Donny Touchet. We will also cover some of the latest news including A&E's idiotic decision to ban Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' fame. Also, a fond... more