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TONIGHT 05/14 09:00PM CDT – “Collapse of a Presidency”

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TONIGHT 05/14 09:00PM CDT – “Collapse of a Presidency”


Tonight on. “The End Within”.  We’ll be discussing not the collapse of an economy, revolution, terrorism but something that is potentially more dangerous a collapse of a Presidency.  There have been so many lies told that this Administration can no longer can keep up with them, who the blame should be placed upon when it collapses and now the credibility and competency for a government to pull of the largest reform to the economy in history, not to mention every other area of government and Benghazi, the beginning of the ‘trainwreck’ that had no place to hide.

Now, I am going to pose another scenario.  This country is now in hands of a man who everyday has proved the he has intentionally lied, deceived, betrayed and millions are depending upon him to pull a rabbit out of his backside to take care of their every need.  I am talking about the collapse of confidence among the dullards who bought into the sales job. Those who will expect something for nothing and a government to incompetent to even pass out a jar a peanut butter.  These are the seeds of “True” Revolution, is among those who are too stupid to wipe their but and even more stupid when the government isn’t there to supply the toilet paper – that is if they wipe at all.  Either this is an intentional implosion, or just the worse run of impeachable luck to have ever faced a Presidency.  We’ll talk about this and more, tonight.  Please join us.