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TONIGHT 11/5 – 09:00 PM CST – “The Moment'

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TONIGHT 11/5 on “The End Within” – 09:00 PM CST – “The Moment: The Beginning or The End”

Tonight, we recognize those whom have become friends, fellow patriots and brothers and sisters; “With firm reliance on divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”  The risks we have taken to speak and be heard, to risk our jobs, our livelihood, our families, our friendships and isolation, to do what we knew in our hearts to be the right thing, to PROTECT and GUARD the REPUBLIC.  Our founders left with us the enormous responsibility to ensure the American Legacy continues, regardless of what may come our way and that is what we have done.  Our success will be measured tomorrow at the polls. 

There is no way I can remember all that I have become acquainted with over these last four years, but I will recognize those in writing who I can recall in such limited space: Jo Anne Moretti, Brent Munlin, ‘spongedocks’, Jo Jo Norton, Arlen Williams, Heather Gilbert, Joe Kerry, Glenn Beck, ‘American-Angel Stands Tall’, Kerry Patton, Michelle Bachman, Michelle Malkin, Monica Gainor, Jon Voight, Matthew Boyle and hundreds if not thousands more.  THANK YOU.  It has been my pleasure to serve by your side.  We are here, the defining moment.  Will we restore the Republic or will the Republic end?

You have given hope when there was little.  You have given me inspiration when there when little to be found. We are who we were intended to be. – AMERICANS and will remain so, even until the end. 

Please join us tonight, we recognize you.  We don’t have the space to recognize everyone but we know who you are and what you’ve done and you are INCREDIBLE.  Tonight, is your night on the “End Within”.