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A talk show about Money, Politics, Social Issues, Personal Development, and Law.

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With the country in so much pain, we open the mic to talk about this great debate. Our host, Elijah'Isaiah X will share his views and opinions; and we can tell you right now, it might get RAW! He states, it is about time the people in... more

Back from a mini vacation, our hose Mr. Elijah'Isaiah X is back. He said he is much rested and looking forward to educating GOD people on personal development. He is schedule to come back to the air full time on August 23 but... more

We continue with our series, "Reaching Your Destiny & Business Hour". Due to some tech issue yesterday we changed the programming from "the 8th Habit" to "Networking with Millioniares" by Dr. Thomas J Stanley. If you are struggling in... more

We continue our series on "Reaching Your Destiny & Business Hour" Where we teach GOD principles of success and our host Elijah'Isaiah X expertise on Business. Today's program with feature Stepen Covey "The 8th Habit". If you... more

During the wweek, we talk business, but on Sunday we worship. We hope you enjoy the series. This is truly GOD music to our ears. We are happy to bring back to our listenrs , the "Music for the Soul" series. Enjoy and be lifted by GOD music.

In the "Reaching Your Destiny" series we introduce Spencer Johnson "Who Moved My Cheese". The is a wonderful story that anyone of any age can adapt. Please don't miss this message.

This is the Prepaid Legal Show Live & Direct. This show is hosted by our host, Elijah'Isaiah X an Independent Marketing Associate. If you have never head Mr. X give a Pre Paid Legal presentation before, you can not afford to miss this... more

With the President set to speak about job creation tonight, we will once again talk about building a business from the ground up. Our host, Elijah'Isaiah X has started many businesses in different industries and has a passion for helping... more

Wow, Pastor Paula White was on FIRE the pass two days. She bured down the house with her thoughts on Habbukkak 2: 2-3, our Host Elijah'Isaiah X favorite scripture. We now visit Earl Nightingale "The Strangest Secret" and Spencer... more

We will finish the series with Paula White's "The Value of Vision. If you listened to Monday show, you know that she burned the house down with her thoughts and words on Habbukkak 2: 2-3. - Once this is finish our Host Elijah'Isaiah X... more