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Two bammas just talking sports. Our thoughts and not representative of ANY of our employers.

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The guys get into the playoffs - both NHL and NBA - with the titles games almost set in both sports. Fuz will likely take shots a LeBron James - again - while Ed sweats the genuis of Gregg Pops resting his players in the regular-season. The... more

There is little doubt the fellas will be clashing tonight when discussing the NBA Lottery ... Fuz has theories (that may be true) while Ed rides his high-horse and tries to dismiss NBA Draft Truthers while making a detour to disscuss the 2014... more

The fellas - after taking a week off - have a guest, an old friend of Ed's from The Barn, Brian Dermody - producer at Spike TV. Brian and the guys will discuss MMA - including Bellator 120 (the company's first pay-per-view, as well as the... more

The fellas discuss the upcoming boxing pay-per-view boxing card, talking about their lack of excitment for the Floyd Mayweather-Marco Maidana main event, the hurdles Amir Khan faces against Luis Collazo, and whether Adrien Broner can... more

The fellas have a guest this week - sports columnist Jeff Laughlin (and old friend of Ed's from his days at "The Barn" to discuss the Charlotte Bobcats (who Jeff covers for his publication) as well as other NBA playoff matters - with Fuz on... more

The fellas have a guest this week: Doug Hanchett - former Boston Herald reporter and a mentor to "young" Ed during his print days. The guys discuss hockey with Doug - a die-hard NHL fan (he lives this sport, right down to the mullet) as the... more

The vertically challenged Honduran did the unthinkable and mentioned G*lf last week. That won't happen again folks. In fact, this is the fellas' boxing show. We may not mention any sports other than the sweet science.....well definitely... more

The fellas get geeked out for "The Showcase of the Immortals" this weekend, doing an all-Wrestlemania 30 podcast much to the annoyance of their 1-2 fans. Ed follows the vultures putting Bray Wyatt over while Fuz... more

Tonight the Honduran/Jew tandem talk the unionization of Northwestern University football and the landmark decision by the NLRB that allowed it. Recent developments in NFL free agency will be spoken on. They'll talk the... more

So I think some tournament thing just kicked off or something like that. The fellas might talk about that. Maybe some brackets in a pool...a bet where the loser will be shamed and embarrassed. I don't know. I do know Jim Irsay got a bit... more