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T H E E C O C H E F, provides practical tips for achieving total well-being from whole and natural foods chef, Sharon McGrail, and other health experts, as they guide you on a transformative journey of health and healing through food.

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A great interview with Lori Presti who is a: Licensed Practical Nurse, Massage Therapist, Certi?ed Family Herbalist, Reiki Master Training with Diane Stein. Working on Naturopathic Program through Marijah McCain, Herbal Healer... more

In this episode, Lexi (Alexi Groumoutis) and I, talk and share about the importance of OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6 FATTY ACIDS, and why they are so important for our health. We love your feedback and thank you for listening!... more

I am honored to have as my guests, Matt Presti and Robert Otey. For their BIOS, please click this link to my blog. Both gentlemen have diverse and profoundly interesting backgrounds, which intersect in many areas, the most significant... more

In this episode of our bi-monthly series, Harmonizing With Life's Little Moments, Robin Lee and I talk about the Mind-Body connection, and how to bring harmony and balance into your life through that connection. This is where the magic... more

In this episode, Lexi (Alexi Groumoutis) and I, talk about how to eat so that nutrients and minerals are the most bio-available. A fun and interesting show. We love your feedback and thank you for listening! Follow on Twitter @theecochef.

In this show, Robin and I discuss vulnerability and what it means to allow oneself to be vulnerable, with love, coming from the heart. There is magic in true, open, loving vulnerability. Discover how that's possible, as Robin and I open up to our... more

In this episode, Robin Lee and I will expand our conversation from our last show, to talk about what we call, RE-CREATION, and how to harmonize with life's little moments, through the act and art of re-creation. How does one re-create; how... more

In this episode, Lexi (Alexi Groumoutis) and I, talk and share about the importance of having minerals in your diet, and how to get them there and keep them there. It is a great topic, near and dear to my heart, as I am working on a... more

Robin Lee is back on the show! Robin and I open up to our listeners about our own "little moments" in life, (places where we get confronted or stopped) and how to conscientiously deal with these moments in an internally harmonious... more

In Part One we discussed, four, healthful basics: raw apple cider vinegar; raw honey; raw coconut oil; baking soda (without aluminum). In Part Two, we discuss the best and most healthful perishable and non-perishable basics to... more