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The Dr. Pat Show: The Art of HealingArt with Artist/Author Jacqueline Ripstein 8-Part Series. Life - Its Burdens and Gifts Lessons 3 and 4. The Laura Longley Show ~ Where authentic change takes flight! ~ Who Am I? What Is The Source of YOUR Identity and How Does That Affect Your Life Choices? - PLUS Call-In for Intuitive Coaching with Laura and Lots of Giveaways!
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The Christine Upchurch Show

The Dr. Pat Show-Soul Suitcase(TM) with Co-Host Victoria Coen: Part 2 - LONGING FOR BELONGING? Finding Your "Soul Tribe" in a Technology-Obsessed World. The Dr. Pat Show: "Dancing with the Stars"... more

The Dr. Pat Show: Join Guest Host Kelle Sutliff and her guest Robbie Holz - Secrets of Aboriginal Healing. Get Sophistigayted with Hosts David and Phillip Zarza: Let's Have a Grudge Sale! Unpacking Your Emotional Baggage

The Dr. Pat Show with Guest Host Colette Marie Stefan: Your daily experiences are your best teacher! Marc Kettenbach. Sheer Alchemy! with Host Leslie Fonteyne: Living Your Happiness Is Not Selfish!

The Dr. Pat Show with Guest Host Dr. Sandy Brewer: How do you turn lemons into lemonade when you can't find the sugar? The Laura Longley Show

The Dr. Pat Show: Head to Heart - Mindfulness Moments for Every Day with Author Jenifer Madson. The Dr. Pat Show: Transforming your life with Angel Power and The Angel Lady Sue Storm

The Dr. Pat Show: "Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag - A Transformational Guide for Living, Happy, Joyous and Free" with co-authors Lee McCormick and Mary Faulkner. Money Made Easy with Co-host Mary Jane Allen: Move From Want... more

The Dr. Pat Show: Galeos Cafe and one of its creative Chefs, Gordana Samardzic. Having Courage to Believe in Blind Faith with Medium Artie Hoffman and his Co-Host Sky Siegel.

The Dr. Pat Show: Kuan Yin is Real, Relevant and Relieves Personal and Planetary Suffering with David Christopher Lewis. The Laura Longley Show ~ Where authentic change takes flight! ~ All Call-In Show for Intuitive Coaching... more
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