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How Spiritual Awakening Affects You with Guest Host Dr. Jenn Royster. Dr. Jenn is back filling in for Dr. Pat to share her expertise on how Spiritual Awakening affects us personally and in our relationships with others. Call-in for an intuitive reading to see what's happening with your energy field and receive guidance from the angels to help you with the transition. The awakening process is life changing, knowledge of the process is empowering. The Vibration of Change™ with Guest Host Christine Upchurch. Ever wonder why sometimes you are successful creating lasting change in your life, but other times you remain stuck? Radio talk show host and Vibration of Change™ creator Christine Upchurch will illuminate the reasons by sharing the energetic principles underlying all successful change and will offer some practical tips to help you create the changes you desire. Empower yourself with tools for transformation!
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The Inner Oracle - Angels and Gemstone Guardians with Margaret Ann Lembo. Did you know the angels and gemstone guardians have teamed up to bring you divine inspiration? Messages from angels are fairly ordinary now. Add... more

The Christine Upchurch Show: Aim High, but keep Plan B in your pocket! with guest John Ryder Ph.D.. We often are programmed to think that only the greatest success matters, nothing else. In reality, every step forward counts toward... more

The Dr. Pat Show: The Lucid Planet with Dr. Kelly. A warm welcome to Dr. Kelly Neff, the director of the, a website that inspires healing, transformation, and growth across so many different areas, from healing the... more

The Dr. Pat Show: Change as a Catalyst for Transformation with Dr. Susan Allison. Do you love change, or do you secretly hate it? Well, regardless of your feelings about change, it is the only 'given' the only constant in our lives, and... more

GET INTOIT! WINNING at the game of LIFE! with Co-host Lynn Brown: Alignment with Divine....SELF. How do you know when you have truly aligned with Divine or your divine self or is there a difference? What I discovered in my 30 days of... more

The Dr. Pat Show: Tame Your Inner Critic Find Peace and Contentment to Live Your Life On Purpose with Author Della Temple. Quiet the mind chatter and become your own best friend. She will discuss her new book, Tame Your Inner... more

Sheer Alchemy! with Co-host Leslie Fonteyne: Co-Creating with Source. When you're just working with your inner plane support team, you can feel very much alone. Invention is like that though. To fill a human vacuum, we'll bring in some... more

he Dr. Pat Show: The Freedom Promise - 7 Steps to Stop Fearing What Food Will Do TO You and Start Embracing What It Can Do FOR You with Mindy Gorman Plutzer. Are you a person who eats with pleasure – or for pleasure?... more

The Dr. Pat Show: Tom Paladino Picks Up Where Nikola Tesla and Galen Hieronymus Left Off in their Scalar Energy Research. Tom Explains more about Scalar Energy Research--Creating an Instrument that Can Disassemble... more
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