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Body Divinity™ Radio with Dana Canneto: From Self-Sabotage to Self-Love with Co-host Dana Canneto. In what areas are you allowing your self-saboteur to take over and stop you from your goals, hurt you in your relationships, taking power over your health and your body? And how often are you judging yourself for your self-sabotaging ways? Well, in this series Dana will reveal how to manage your self-saboteur and live a vibrant and powerful life of freedom and resiliency. The Call of the Day with Author Jodi Hershey. The Call of the Day is a compelling invitation to see beyond the turbulence of our ego-driven lives and connect with who we really are; not our material outward looking self but the spiritual entity that dwells eternal in each of us. The Call of the Day is one of the clearest guides to those embarking on their Spiritual Journey. Hershey plots this journey with tremendous insight and experience, guiding us to a realm of true contentment and happiness. She explains succinctly what is happening in this unique time and why change is imperative. Through personal growth and a change in our perspective, Hershey lets us discover how we can stand sincerely in our authentic truth, allowing us to create a peaceful world brimming with unconditional love. This book will resonate with anyone thirsting for meaning and spirituality in their lives. It will help you uncover your unique talents and realize your potential. Accept this invitation with both hands and rejoice in the freedom and joy that comes from tapping into the Universal Source. This is your call.
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