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Body Divinity™ Radio with Dana Canneto: Your Body - The Gateway to Truth. The body is the gateway to unleashing our true potential, our joy, power, freedom, truth and open us up to infinite possibilities. It starts simply with ?Awareness? Learn how to use the wisdom of your body to understand on the deepest levels your divine truth and authentic voice. You will open up to a new level of self-love and embodiment of the highest version of you and learn how to use your very own body as your guide towards freedom rather than restriction. Silver Gaia Radio - New energy has made its mark...illuminate the human race!: An Illusion of the Mind or Can I Really Evolve Through My Dreams with Kathryn J. Leeman? Kathryn Leeman, PhD has been in the Transpersonal Psychology field studying dreams for over 30 years. Dreams have a language all their own, which is very archetypal. Dreams can be interpreted on many different levels, i.e., literally and symbolically for the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual intelligences. There are 3 types of dreams - living dream, day dream and night dream that work through the conscious, subconscious, unconscious and super-conscious realms. Bring your dream to the show and let's talk! Call 800-930-2819
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