The Difference

The Difference

The Difference

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Be inspired by dynamic difference makers from around the world making a difference in the lives of other people. Discover your difference and live it!

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Associate Professor Rosina McAlpine brings her unique pearls of wisdom to the table yet again, giving parents and grandparents gems to find solutions to problems and simplify parenting to help prevent problems occuring. She has an... more

Braco is an international phenomenon that defies a simple explanation for his remarkable ability to transmit a force, energy or gift of some kind by silently gazing at groups of people live in person or through the internet. He has been... more

How many times have we wished we could put an old head on new shoulders? I know my life would have been different if I only knew back then what I know now. Of course our children need to live and learn thorugh their own experiences... more

It is a wondrous experience to be alive and participate in the unfolding of the Great Shift of the Ages predicted by the Mayans. As the vibrations of all on the planet continually rise, we co-create the New Earth in each moment with every... more

This is the second part of our series on how parenting has changed. Last week we focussed on all of the things our parents said about food - you know clean your plate as as there are starving kids in Ethiopia. Do you parent in the same... more

Emotions are a very misunderstood part of who we are and yet they are our guidance mechanism system. They are like our GPS for our lives, which have been distorted by conditioning and painful past events. However, especially as... more

Parents of today and parents of yesteryear, have always loved their children and wanted the best for them. It might not seem that way, when we look back at some of the parenting practices of our parents and grandparents. While... more

Christen Rosenkilde Christensen is the author of Treasure - How to Change the World. Christel shares Energistic Leadership™ techniques she pioneered. We discuss the brilliant success which happens when you apply her tecniques... more

Dr Robyn Mills interviews Elizabeth Mulheron who works intuitively on a professional and personal level to facilitate successful relationships both within organisations and the individual. In todays show you will be inspired to see the... more